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  1. Material is cool in the sun, although being up north we may not get that famous AZ or TX sun. The matting is fairly durable, after a few years its actually amazing how well it held up. No fading, I've never washed it, and it and it still looks new. It did move around under foot a bit more than I liked. Personally, I think snaps are a must. If you do snaps, I think it woudl be fine with dogs.
  2. I like that its offered in larger sizes. Its tough to make the glue joints look perfect.
  3. After having this material, I can honestly say that I would never go back to carpet. Primary benefit is how fast it dries. In MN, mornings are cold and its nice being able to walk around the boat in your socks without getting wet. That being said, its not as comfortable on the knees...according to her...lol
  4. I'll keep this fairly high level, and if anyone wants more detail about the steps, I will append this post.Materials Used;(2) Rolls of miner's moss sluice box matting(1) Bottle of all purpose cement(1) Tube of GOOP Marine Adhesive(5) packages of Dritz 5/8" heavy duty snaps (1) Dritz Heavy duty snap pliersProcedure;1. Miner's moss ships in a fairly tight roll. You will need to unroll the product with weights on the corners for several days (if not a week). In addition, I had to re-roll it in the opposite direction to finally get it to lay flat.2. Use existing carpet as a template and determine the size you will need. Since miner's moss comes in 36"x 60" sizes, I needed to have several seams and cuts to get to final dimensions needed. I suspect with more research one could find larger pieces, which would be nice.3. Once you have your template, you will likely need to seam large pieces together. Start by cutting the seams at 45-deg angles. I used a piece of trim to guide the knife.4. Use All Purpose cement to glue the back side of the miners moss. Support with weight and let cure for 2 hours.5. Use GOOP marine adhesive to glue the front side of the seam. Once again, support with weight and let cure for 2 hours.6. Use the original carpet as a template and trace out the pattern in your new large piece of miners moss. Note that the moss is fairly flexible, and will stretch quite a bit. I found myself needing to keep a bit of tension on it and make it a bit smaller than the original carpet. Otherwise the moss tended to bunch.7. Use sharp box cutter to cut along your pattern.8. Lay in boat and check for fit. Originally I intended to just have the moss lay over the deck, but found that without snaps it slid around too much for my liking. It also refused to stay straight sending my MCOCD into overdrive.9. I ended up adding snaps to the moss to keep it in place.Initial Impressions:· End product looks quite nice, its really comfortable, and dries fast.· Practice gluing your joints on scraps. It takes some practice to get it to look nice.· The material is a bit thinner than DECKadence· Without snaps, the miners moss moves around underfoot quite a bit· Jury is out on long term durability, but well worth taking this on as a project.
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