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    Evolution to Monster MTK Tower

    • Year: 2007 Brand: Centurion Model / Trim: Avalanche Cost: (unspecified) DIY or Professional Install: Professional Install Installation Shop: Mikes Liquid Audio

    So we pulled the original Evolution tower and installed a new Monster MTK tower w/swivel ranks and bimini. We made use of a couple if the exposed holes from the old tower, with the front tower feet and anchor light fitting. Tower placed placement was key. The old tower swooped back, the new tower swoops forward. We needed the bimini to give good coverage of the main cabin, yet try not to move the tower tow point too much from its original center of gravity. This required moving the "Centurion" gunwale plates back about 6" and re-drilling a few new holes. IMG_20180922_111214879_HDR.jpg.cf3af9061e74a19afdfbce11d964c3a9.jpgIMG_20180922_111238416_HDR.jpg.31e283acbd3f0a2ad397525a1315a6f0.jpgIMG_20180922_111249127_HDR.jpg.d2f7191a459c712e5e5e1974ad706780.jpgIMG_20180922_111256433_HDR.jpg.b9a54985e852da5e238f557b6ebef7fd.jpgIMG_20180922_111339808_HDR.jpg.18a3fe3d6a021bda6c47c35f4c6e6215.jpg  

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    User Feedback

    Nice work on this.   That tower looks great as well on that boat.   So is that a Monster Bimini as well?  

    We swapped towers on my boat as well... took some work but worth it in the end.    Thanks for posting this

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