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  • Maradyne Heater Install on 2020 SA

    • Year: 2020 Brand: Supra Model / Trim: SA400 Cost: $250-$499 DIY or Professional Install: I installed it / created it

    I've always wanted a heater with the pull out vents. 
    My new SA wasn't ordered from the factory with a heater so I wanted to add one. 
    Haven't heard great things about the heatercraft part that's factory (crappy pullouts mostly) and @freeheel4lifepointed me toward Maradyne (used by mastercraft and now tige)
    Happened to hop on ebay and found a seller liquidating some parts and scored a heater and 4 pullouts for next to nothing!

    The heater didn't have a manifold on it so I made one, flat plate and some 3" stainless tube. 
    Welded it up and hit it with some wrinkle black powder. 



    Got that part installed in the boat under the observer seat shoved as far out of the way as possible and then moved on to the pullouts. 
    First idea was in the cupholders @freeheel4liferecommendation but I didn't want to lose cupholder space. 
    Decided on a standard install under the observers seat but didn't like the plastic housings on the pullouts. 
    Since the rest of the parts in the boat are billet aluminum I decided to match that.

    Started with a 1x 15 x 5 piece of 6061 and chucked it up in the mill:



    Cut the top side to match the rest of the chamferred parts in the interior:

    And the bottom got recesses to go over the Maradyne parts:


    Like so:


    A little cleanup:


    And almost finished product. 

    After next up was matching the existing aluminum finishes in the boat. Luckily they anodized all the aluminum without adding color which makes it easier to match. 
    Home brew anodizing setup:
    Sulfuric acid bath with aluminum cathodes and the part is the anode. hooed to a battery charger. Started at roughly 20 amps for 30 minutes and then it slowly goes down as the anodizing layer builds. 

    Turned out pretty good!



    Then on to the less fun part. 
    Frilling holes in a stupid expensive boat lol. 

    Made a drill template to be 100% sure that everything lines up like it should:

    MVIMG_20201018_125115.jpg.cd320f5c1b529882737cd502a69eb534.jpgMark and drill:



    Holes came out perfect and dead on in the right spot. 

    Then it was just install it and connect the heater hoses:




    I'm quite happy with the way it came out. 
    A sh#t load of work for something that no one will ever know isn't stock unless they have the same boat with the ugly plastic stock setup lol. 



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    On 11/13/2020 at 11:28 PM, Married2Maristar said:

    Sweet documentation and result. Makes those high school chemistry classes seem worthwhile. So the heater hoses can be retracted for storage extended to the shivering passengers?

    Yep they tuck into the housings and extend out 6 feet. Good for shoving up your pants legs when you get out of the cold water lol 

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    27 minutes ago, Married2Maristar said:

    want one so badly! how many btu? Also so confused you got a new boat? Didn’t you just do every project in the book on an older boat? Sold and traded up?

    It's a 40,000 btu heater heat exchanger. 

    And yep exactly, finished that one and sold it to upgrade to this one! 

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    On 11/13/2020 at 10:28 PM, Married2Maristar said:

    Sweet documentation and result. Makes those high school chemistry classes seem worthwhile. So the heater hoses can be retracted for storage extended to the shivering passengers?


    Free shipping, expert advice and our best price promise on the 2021 Liquid Force Hex Changer Poncho at...


    ^^ I wear one of these after surfing late evenings or early/late into the season. Just tuck the pullout tunes up inside and you are toasty warm after your sets

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    Nice. I use these they are thicker. THE COMFY DREAM | Oversized Light Microfiber Wearable Blanket, One Size Fits All, Shark Tank

    But this would probably be even warmer. Bedsure Grey Wearable Blanket - Standard Long Blanket Sweatshirt with Soft Sherpa Fleece - Deep Front Pockets - Wearable Blanket for Adult Women and Men, 58 x 34 inches, Grey https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08CXSVXR1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_9LzUFb1THK5HJ

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    Nice!! I like the look of those. I go with the LF as I'm at a dealership and get them at cost lol. Might have to get one for the ladies tho. 

    Either way...stuff one of those pullout heater tubes inside when its cold and you are living your best life 😂🤣😉

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