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  1. Here are the drawings I have.
  2. I originally got a set of used 4.25 throw actuators, but couldn't get that length to work. It may work for you, depends on the shape of your transom. With the 2.25s I could get 30° down (relative to the hull bottom), which is far too much. I found I got the best wave with just 5° down, which was just over half extension. With only 2.25" throw, and maybe only actually extending 1.5", it's actually a faster deployment than the fast 4.25" actuators.
  3. Forgot to answer this part. Moomba has a setup like this on their Flow 3 surf system.
  4. Thanks. I don't have any CAD files for the silver tabs, I basically eyeballed them and cut them out with a circular saw. There's no magic to them, you could easily replicate something for your boat. Use a similar (or different, whatever you prefer) shape, figure out a size that works for your hull and transom. The most time-consuming part was figuring out where the upper and lower actuator mounts should go for proper articulation of the tab. That's where making mockups of an extended and retracted actuator really helped. I rarely make it up to Pend O'Reille, but we do try to camp on the
  5. Lencos were cheaper and I didn't want to have a separate hydraulic unit. More to break and more pieces to deal with. Plus most boat manufacturers use Lenco, as does GSA, so if it's good enough for them...
  6. For some reason I didn't see these last few replies until now. You're likely right about area of the tabs, etc. I'd imagine with a wider tab and maybe an extra fin or 2 I'd have gotten a larger wave. For the hinges, I started with aluminum because they were cheaper, but they bent so I switched to stainless, which I believe I documented. Mounting the tabs below the hinge brought the tab surface closer to level with the bottom of the boat.
  7. Since I made this write up, I've had several people ask if I can make them a set of the black tabs, or provide them with the CAD file or measurements for them. GSA has a patent on that design, so unfortunately I can't. I can provide help with the silver tabs, but not the black ones.
  8. My factory snap-in carpet had the wonderful quality of smelling like cat piss when wet. Not ideal for a boat. So I contacted Jim at jimsmarineflooring.com, and ordered some samples of the woven pvc, Ultra flooring, and Deckadence he carries. The Ultra is his version of Deckadence, but I guess since he's now carrying Deckadence, he is no longer carrying the Ultra, and is limited to stock on hand. In any case, it's nearly the same as Deckadence, and significantly cheaper. The drawback is that Deckadence is 6' wide and Ultra is 4' wide. So for most boats, you would have to seam Ultra vs not
  9. Yeah Hayden is less busy and less choppy than Cda or Pend O'Reille.
  10. Thanks! It's Hayden Lake, Idaho.
  11. I kept the black GSA-style tabs. I got the plate and tubing at a local metals supplier.
  12. I cut them down to 12", but you could use any length that works for your boat and tab width.
  13. I went round and round in my mind about whether to make a set of surf gates or tabs for my boat. Gates seemed easier, but when I made a ghetto gate to test the "proof of concept", the wave wasn't very good, and my boat didn't like it much. So tabs it is. I looked at the tabs that come on basically all the manufacturers that used them, and ended up essentially copying what's on the MB boats. I made about 100 drawings, and at least 3 cardboard mockups until I was happy with it, then gave those measurements to my buddy, who put them into CAD. I wouldn't recommend using the me
  14. Shoebox

    MB Slappers

    Yeah I guess the overall height isn't what I'm concerned with, but whether the top should be out of the water when the boat is loaded. I have a Nauticurl now, and because of the lines of the boat the whole thing is underwater, even when unloaded.
  15. Shoebox

    MB Slappers

    Thanks, just didn't know how tall they needed to be, unloaded they look like they're only a couple inches into the water. Do you have a pic of them while you're running loaded? I didn't say it earlier, but they do look awesome. I'm thinking of doing something similar or maybe wake plates on my 2014 Mondo.
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