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  • HDPE Surf Platfom

    • Year: 2007 Brand: Moomba Model / Trim: LSV Cost: $250-$499 Platform Type: Other

    As we added more ballast to my Moomba LSV, the stock swim platform was digging into the wave.  Following the path of others, I sourced a sheet of HDPE that was roughly 40"x60"x1" to make a new swim/surf platform.  I wanted to replicate the look/design of the newer Moomba swim/surf platforms, but I couldn't find a template or sketch online.  So, I went to my local Moomba dealer when they were closed.  Somewhere in their archives of surveillance video is a video my daughter sitting on a large piece of cardboard, as I trace the outline from underneath a Craz platform.

    I actually needed to reduce the width of the cardboard template by 2" so I took 1" off  the edge of each end to keep it proportionate and then cut the cardboard to size.  I drove myself nuts trying to get each edge to be a mirror of the other side and finally called it "close-enuf".  After sketching out the template on the HDPE, I used a circular-saw to make the longer/straight cuts and then used a jig-saw to round out the edges and make the cut along the edge that meets the stern. 

    After everything was cut to proportion, i used a quarter-round router bit to smooth the edges over. When I was done cutting/routing, that white HDPE made it snow in August.

    To mount it to the existing platform brackets, I countersunk a hole and pushed stainless steel carriage bolts from the top down.  I also wanted to raise the level of the platform so I used scrap pieces roughly in the size of the bracket as a spacer.  I then bolted the platform to the brackets using nylock nuts before i put the padding on.

    For the padding, i sourced a sheet of HydroTurf with the 3M adhesive on the back (their 40"x60" sheet was the constraining factor on the size, my HDPE sheet was bigger.)  Rather than cutting a template for this, I just stuck it on the HDPE and then used a sheetrock knife to trim the edges.  Yes, you will cut into the HDPE a little bit but you will never notice it since its at the edge of the HydroTurf.  If anything, I wish I had taken more care in hand-cutting the edges since there are slight variations (tho I may be the only one that notices).  Here's the finished product.  


    5B50E99F-8D1C-4EDB-A78D-1F30E67E9A1B.thumb.jpeg.1d96e2516fb2da9252e8ad1cb7741ba6.jpegSome people have used 3/4" HDPE and reported a barely noticeable flex.  If you're ordering HDPE online, this will save a bit, however the best prices can be found if you source it locally.  The shipping is expensive so its worth making several phone calls to "plastics" companies.  I found a place that had a piece of 1" in stock and it was a leftover from a job so it was a lot less expensive.  

    This project was done three years ago and everything has held up well.  The edge of the platform takes a lot of abuse (far better than fiberglass) and the HydroTurf with the 3M adhesive has stuck to the HDPE without any edges pulling up.  I believe the total cost of materials (HDPE, HydroTurf, and stainless nuts/bolts) was ~$500.



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    That looks fantastic.   Strong work.   I’m surprised we don’t see a lot more hdpe decks... especially with all the diy surf gates.  

    My only hesitation was whether the 3m backed pads would stick well enough.   Shoulds like that hasn’t been a problem... I know the king starboard people told me you can heat treat it first to make a better bond as well.    

    Great work!    

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