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  1. Timr71

    1993 Centurion Falcon

    Here's my restored boat...but are they ever really finished?
  2. Timr71

    GatorStep flooring upgrade

    Looks great! I'm about to do my own gatorstep project too. But mine will only consist of deck pieces as my interior floor isn't gel coated and it's carpeted like a traditional tournament ski boat from the 90s.
  3. Timr71

    Rudder box rebuild

    Nice job. I have a different issue with my rudder. I have pitting on my rudder shaft and that creates slop in my rudder. I think i'm going to have to replace the rudder and the box in order to get it firmed up. It's not too bad now, a little slop at the steering wheel, but feels pretty good when under power. And, it's not leaking water into the bilge so it's sealed up tight. That'll be a winter project some year.
  4. how hard was it to make this piece (see attached picture)? What was your process? free hand? did you make a wood template for these upper deck pieces too. Trying to gauge how hard it would be to make some of the top side gator step type pieces. And if 5 rolls is the minimum...that would be enough to do 3 boats, if you're not doing the floor.