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    Additional Set of Rev10s

    • Year: 2015 Brand: MB Sports Model / Trim: F22 Tomcat Cost: $1000-$1499 DIY or Professional Install: I installed it Sound Project Components: Upgraded Tower Speakers

    My goal was to approve the overall sound quality on the boat and add a few other power options at the same time.

    Project details:

    Pulled speaker wire for the additional speakers on the port side of the tower without an issue.

    Adding the wire for the tower light thru the starboard side of the tower was very tight (not much space left for additional wire) thru this side of the tower

    We also ran wiring for two 12v acc power sockets in the rear lockers and one in the bow.

    My wife asks for one more option a dual port USB plug in the glove box for charging cell phones and go pro's

    We also added an Onboard Noco Genius battery charger under the bow seat starboard side next two my Perko switch

    Specialty Tools required: Hole saws (for installing acc power socket), fiberglass fish stick, Fish tape, soldering gun, step drill bit (tower speakers and lights install)

    Total hours for the job: 20

    Next step upgrade the amps and sub!



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    User Feedback

    Nice!  Thats a tight fit in between there.  I took down my 2 post lift a few months ago when I sold my last hot rod.  I used it more to double stack cars than I did for repairs, maintenance and upgrades.  I couldn't get the boat in my garage with the approach angle Ive got to clear the posts.  This was the first winter with the boat in the garage and I love it!

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