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  1. You could combine a polycase box along with one of the 2ch relay modules for a super clean ballast power controller. If you needed capability for more than one pump you could slot the relay modules in with a simple sheet metal bracket.
  2. The enclosure for relays came from polycase. I looked around and liked their selection the best and pricing seemed only a bit high vs the cheap stuff you can find on amazon. I did use cheap boxes from amazon for the drain timers since I wasn’t as concerned with quality there.
  3. Wow, great mod and great write up. I wanted to do this on our old boat and will refer back to this once we settle on the next boat since it will likely be larger/heavier.
  4. That’s a clever idea replacing the seat base. Most of the boats I’ve spent time in had molded tubs so it wouldn’t have been an option, but that works great to rearrange the bow.
  5. Awesome! Glad it could help. I have some other details around main breaker, relay flyback diodes, etc I need to add in at some point.
  6. Thanks! Ha, yea. New baby + CvD and we didn’t expect to use it much this year. Ideally would like to upgrade to an X23...so we will see.
  7. For anyone that's heard or read about 2012 model year Mastercrafts, you will know that the control system was different from years before and years to follow. The largest challenge I faced with the control system is that the ballast timers were incredibly difficult to modify. While it was technically possible, it took a specialized programming tool of which there were allegedly only 3 in the US. This meant that you could not add bags, change the vent arrangement, and increase fill times like most other model years. Some people were able to fake the system into thinking it had the factory piggy
  8. Oops...didn't realize someone else posted this already! -------------- Stumbled across this the other day, I've been thinking about including one in my spring projects for a quick connect engine flush that's not plastic. Allows you to shut off the thru hull and easily connect a garden hose. Plus, it comes with a cap and valve.
  9. I was wondering if this was possible after seeing something extremely similar on a new MC XT23. Would love to do this to my X30.
  10. Following! Trying to teach myself programming for a few projects and this is right up my alley.
  11. I think it's great that you took a stab at a unique design and demonstrated that it works. I have mocked up a couple different tab shapes and always wanted to trial them out but never have. In that process I spent quite a bit of time studying the different tab styles and I'd be curious if the difference in performance is simply related to the total and projected surface area presented to the water at the ideal deploy angle. e.g. the silver tabs at 5 degrees present less projected area and total surface area to the fluid passing over it versus the black tabs and also have less surface area dire
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