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  1. Needed new swim platform brackets for the '06 Supra. Over time the stock cast aluminum brackets have worn at the contact point on the corresponding boat side bracket causing the step to move with every bit of wave action. This movement causes the quick release pin hole to elongate. Eventually you will have to retrieve your platform as it floats (hopefully) away from its original location due to the pin hole wearing completely through. Purchasing a replacement bracket from Skiers Choice was going to set me back 147.99 per bracket before shipping and tax and they are out of stock. That's about 92 gallons of fuel when you do the math. Using leftover pieces of 6061 T6 aluminum I decided to build these brackets at home and give myself a 99.5% discount. Furthermore who doesn't need practice TIG welding aluminum. Still need to smooth out the corner bead where the platform bracket drops into the boat side bracket (and yes, the other beads to hide the amatuer work), drill the QR pin hole and the platform mounting holes. My plan is to run the stock replicas until I can build two new brackets for a custom HDPE swim step. I am thinking of raising the height and cutting some holes in the step to accept a couple of stainless Yeti cooler mugs for those occasions the boat becomes a floating lounge chair.
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