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  • Wetsounds MC1 in dash mount

    • Year: 2002 Brand: Malibu Model / Trim: VLX Cost: $500-$999 DIY or Professional Install: I installed it Sound Project Components: Upgraded Head Unit, Other

    As many of the older bu owners I was not very fond of the hidden head unit under your arm rest. 
    I saw where someone on Wakeworld years ago took the gauge bezel from the next generation bu and put in a double din in the dash. So I got the same gauge bezel and kept it till I found a new head unit I like. 
    Few years down the road and they finally release the MC-1. 

     Here is a pic of the old vs new gauge panel. 


    Here is the gauge shroud? that I got years back off ebay installed in my dash.


    My local malibu dealer hooked me up with the gauge bezel that fir in it and had the two outer gauges so I could use it as a template. 
    I then used a router table to make the gauge bezel out of HDPE. 



    The MC-1 has an Aux in, Aux out, and the USB input and I couldn't find a off the shelf mount that had it all built in. 
    So I downloaded  the cad software from https://www.frontpanelexpress.com/ and had them make a panel to fit the panel mount headphone jacks and usb I got from amazon. 
    FYI Front panel express is amazing to work with. Their software broke down the costs of the machining so I could see where little rounding of corners and edges doubled the project price.  Or the text of my boats name cost almost nothing. 


    I still need to change the input panels screws to black so they blend better. 
    But it will be awesome being able to receive audio via an A-link and then transmit to another A-link for big cove tie ups. 

    The only downside to this mounting location and the screen is that the viewing angle isn't to great. So if you are sitting with the flip up bolster down you can see fine but when the bolster is up it gets kind of hard to see all of the graphics. 
    But I could shave the mount so it has a slight bit of a upward til to the screen.  
    Also I may wrap the panel mount in vinyl or get one machined out of aluminum. But we will see, the plain black HDPE is growing on me. 



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    Thanks for posting this.   Really like it.   Want that MC1 but gonna have to wait... I spent this summer's money I think.  lol  But it sure would be nice.   


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    @cowwboy have you had enough time with the MC1 yet to recommend?     Strongly considering.   Think I'd have the pass from wife too.... my stock original deck is glitchy, and she said straight up we aren't planning boating trips without a stereo.  lol.   Hardest part about the MC1 is where to put in on our generation of boats...   yours is a cool option but I'm trying to consider a few places

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    The only downside I have is the direct sunlight viewing wash out. But other then that I love it. 
    It could use to have better sound processing abilities (EQ / time delay). But that would only increase costs and most people don't need or want that kind of control. 
    I have been talking to a buddy with a V-ride and I really want to try to modify his dash to do the same. I thought of trying to find a quad gauge like the one my boat uses to get rid of the three little gauges then build a fiberglass pod to get his speed control multi line box to the side or swap his boat to perfect pass and ditch the stock speedo for it. 
    But he is not quite as adventurous as me, 

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    @cowwboy did you run the black box on the helm side, or in passenger compartment near the amps?  If the later, did the  8' WS cable reach?  (I know they sell an extension).     I might just keep mine on helm side where 420 is now...  I can't imagine losing signal quality right?

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    I put mine in the observer compartment. It is mounted on the walkway wall and I have a little slack. But if it was on the hull side I would have had to get the extension. 
    I have fought ballast pump / blower noise issues in the past so figured if I can put the signal source that much closer I would.

    Doesn't help that my sub tends to beat things to death on the drivers side. It used to knock the chip loose on my old  perfect pass. 

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    Ok I’ll be running mc1.  Look forward to it. Most likely installed down lower since my dash is different (well it’s same as your new one but I want to keep lcd).  Thanks for your input

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