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  1. About $180 per set due to only making a couple. That was shipped raw. I de-burred, rounded edges, and applied a brushed finish before putting on the rubber strips.
  2. Ha...mixture of PowerPoint and Paint to draw the picture. I'm a master at improvising : ) . Once you get it right, you can convert it to an SVG for free online. From there you can import and dimension it using VCarve or many other programs before exporting the .dxf
  3. The forks on my 2016 Malibu were not made to hold thicker surf-style boards. I also missed the old clamp handles from my Mastercraft which we used to hang our wet vests on. My solution was to draw up some new forks with similar styling of the factory forks used on the G3.2 tower. I took the opportunity to add the vest hooks. I had them cut from 6061 Aluminum and shipped to me raw. I then filed down the bungee hooks, rounded the edges a bit, and added a sanded/brushed finish. I may try sandblasting and anodizing in grey to perfectly match the factory finish. I'll post more pics one I add the pa
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