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  • Custom Slalom Ski Rack

    • Year: Choose Below Brand: Malibu Model / Trim: 22 LVX Cost: $0-$249 DIY or Professional Install: I installed it / created it

    So unfortunately no one really makes a legit ski rack that isn't ridiculously expensive. In fact, the crazy expensive racks are ugly and not very functional. With the quarantine going on, I got down to business to finally make my own ski rack. I finished the rack a few weeks ago but I finally went out this weekend to test it out. The rack performs 100% as I intended. I think there are just a few modifications I would make with a version 2.0. But overall its perfect. The rack mounts perfectly onto my G3.5 2015 22 VLX tower and could easily mount to any TUBE tower. I put a 3M Non slip stick pad onto the tower to add extra protection of the rack slipping up and down in case of turbulent water and to not scuff or damage the tower paint. The back is designed with 2 bungee cables to keep the ski extra secure, while the front has a heavy duty Velcro strap,  that you put the nose of the ski in first, and with one hand you can quickly and easily just strap up the  two bungee cords to secure the back boot. You can then re-tighten the Velcro loop to secure the front. The ski goes absolutely no where with little to no movement even after pounding some big wake surf wave power turns. The Ski is out of the way and  does not really impair or get in the way of anyone in the boat, even while standing. I have it placed over the drivers area where its less likely to get in the way of people moving about the boat.  You could easily make the ski rack a double rack as well, or two singles next to one anther. 


    Total Cost : 45$


    2020-05-09 12.11.45.jpg

    2020-05-09 12.11.54.jpg

    2020-05-09 12.11.50.jpg

    2020-05-09 12.13.17.jpg

    2020-05-09 12.11.58.jpg

    2020-05-09 12.13.22.jpg

    2020-05-09 12.13.28.jpg

    2020-05-09 12.13.31.jpg

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    Pretty slick. Thanks for sharing.   That space below the Bimini is so nice to store things.   I have the HRD surf racks but maybe could still squeeze in a slalom ski.  I miss skiing—  Although I kinda gave it up with the 247.  I was never that good anyway but seeing the glass this morning made me wish I brought the ski.  

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    The clamp is made by rugged ridge. Originally its designed to mount Jeep Off Road Lights to the bumper.  Can be found on ebay for the cheapest around 12$.

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