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  1. One of the best things to make your boat look legit is upgrading to 18-inch wheels and low pro tires. I thought it would ride worse ... WRONG. It tows way better. No more hopping up and down. Way more consistent. To put the bigger tires on, you'll need wider fenders. If you have a boatmate trailer, you're stoked because they send the fender to you repainted to your trailer. I replaced the inner board which was originally wood and falling apart. Now it's some kind of composite. Here's a video that walks your through it. Pros: Makes the boat look way better out of the water. Tows a
  2. I did a review on the new SWELL gate and also tested different locations in this clip. It puts up a nice wave, bigger is NOT always better. They saw a video I did last year and told me they had a new style. They sent it to me to review (non paid). There are a lot of adjustments that I tested out. Before you were stuck with one size gate size. This allows fine tuning. The gate also can be rotated. I put it in the 1 position which felt about right. I tested different settings and go over why bigger isn't always better. I hope this helps. FORMULA FOR BALLAST: 800 Bow 300 Locker
  3. Thanks. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it because I just bought the RF system. My wife thought I was crazy. Now she digs it. lol. That's her in the boat.
  4. I had just bought a Rockford Fosgate setup but didn't like how hot the amps got or how limited the throw was behind the boat. Switched over to a WetSound setup. Came out awesome. I did a video on it. Better than photos. What I used I put on this boat: 4 Rev 10 tower speakers. 8 Rev 6 speakers around the boat with LED WT420 EQ Syn 6 - Boat Syn 2 - Subs Syn 4 - Tower We were having a problem with the throw of our Rockford system behind the boat. Inside the boat people were getting blasted and inside. The amps would get super hot and the inside of the hull would get wa
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