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    Moomba OEM Woofer Enclosure Install

    • Year: 2018 Brand: Moomba Model / Trim: Mondo and other Cost: (unspecified) DIY or Professional Install: Professional Install Installation Shop: Mikes Liquid Audio Sound Project Components: Upgraded Subwoofer / Box

    For most Moomba owners of the past 6-7 model years with OEM woofer option, by far, the biggest complaint is the lack luster woofer performance. Sadly, its the woofer, mainly the brand, that gets the bad wrap. In reality, its the choice of Moomba, to cut a corner. 

    The Kicker KM10 woofer is NOT a true infinite-baffle/free-air woofer, meaning, it works best with a small enclosure behind it. Moomba chooses to load it through the under helm facade, with no enclosure structure behind it. Further more, the facade is not even a complete wall. Its actually open at the top! This allows output off the back of the driver, to flow over and meld with the output off the front. This creates phase cancellation issues. This makes tuning correctly, nearly impossible. Sound quality and performance will suffer. It can also be detrimental to the woofer, leading to a mechanical failure and short life. 

    The fix: small sealed or ported enclosure back loaded behind the facade and a proper amp tune. You can comfortably fit a small sealed enclosure between .8 and 1.0 ft3, depending on year, model and options, under the helm. The boat will retain the factory look with little no loss of leg room. The original facade is retained, with little modification. A larger ported enclosure will require more design and fab time, and result in some loss of  some leg room under the helm. 

    Installing an enclosure makes a world of difference in both sound quality and output. 

    Construction finished, ready for sealing.


    Finished enclosure installed and facade and woofer back in place. 



    Also installed a Fusion MX-NRX300 transom remote and N2K Backbone to support it. 


    Since the boat had a Wet Sounds RGB controller installed aftermarket by dealer, we wire the Kicker KM10's RGB LEDs to the controller. 


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