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  • More awesome MB Slappers

    • Year: Choose Below Brand: MB Sports Model / Trim: B52 Wide Body Device Type : Hinged Gate Style Surf Device Material: Starboard or a HDPE Control: Powered with Automated Controller Cost: (unspecified) Platform Type: Fiberglass

    We had a Slapper party this week... Ok that didn't sound great but whatever.  lol.

    I helped some friends install automated goose slappers to two boats this week.  A blue 2013 23' B52 and a white 2012 21' B52.  They both came out great and we used my controllers on them.  The test wave pics are with stock ballast and 2 people in the 21 footer.  We get some more ballast in there and they will be awesome!


    Geese be warned...

















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    7 hours ago, 2008_247lsv said:

    how do you controls work are they automated?

    Automated yes, GPS no. One momentary push to deploy either side, press opposite button to transfer and wipeout to cancel any deployed actuator.  Intuitive and easy but you have to start and stop. No computer to think for you. 

    5 hours ago, straseske said:

    Looks Great!  What lenco actuators did you use?  Are they fast enough to do transfers while surfing?

    Lenco 15129 4.25” fast actuators. Yes the switch in 3-4 seconds. 

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    Hyperryd- great looking slapper install. What type of weight is in that 21’ MB? I am fighting a battle that I hope I can win. I have a 23’ Inboard with (4) in floor ballast hard tanks totaling 1150 lbs and using another 600 lbs fat sac. My suck gate works pretty well but I am really over the shifting and moving and setting to go from regular to goofy and back. I really like what you have created. I have pondered a GSA or Wakeworx but the costs seem ludicrous for a few actuators, surf tabs and the control module. Please advise on if you have a package available for the control module / buttons etc. Thanks very much. I’m looking for a bit more push. Maybe the sEF8D2125-435A-4C96-9F44-9DF0388D5CC2.thumb.jpeg.f6cbc11cdb5d6e0f82fd180456fe8137.jpeglappers might help? I can fax anything on a CNC as I work in sheet metal and composites 






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    Can I ask the dimensions of the tabs? Might save me some guess work in the off season! I plan on building the Arduino surf controller. Wish me luck ?

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    I am definitely interested in this setup.  Any information you can give me would be much appreciated.  My email is joe.zile@gmail.com

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