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  1. Agua Canuck

    New Svfara interior

    The old interior of our Svfara SV696 was shot, burnt and checked by the high desert Utah sun. The plan was to have the interior remodel be a family project...And it was. It took two days to remove all of the cushions, supports and trim panels. All wires, cables and speakers were labeled. Time to take the old worn out seats to get a face lift. I chose Penny Seat Cover in Orem, UT. to complete the stitching and vinyl work. The project took 6 weeks but was well worth the wait. To tell the truth, I was not a big fan of the original colors from the factory so the new colors really made the boat. Ad
  2. Hyperryd- great looking slapper install. What type of weight is in that 21’ MB? I am fighting a battle that I hope I can win. I have a 23’ Inboard with (4) in floor ballast hard tanks totaling 1150 lbs and using another 600 lbs fat sac. My suck gate works pretty well but I am really over the shifting and moving and setting to go from regular to goofy and back. I really like what you have created. I have pondered a GSA or Wakeworx but the costs seem ludicrous for a few actuators, surf tabs and the control module. Please advise on if you have a package available for the control module / buttons
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