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  • Stainless Surf Exhaust

    • Year: 2001 Brand: Tige Model / Trim: 23V Cost: $0-$249 DIY or Professional Install: I installed it / created it Platform Type: Teak Engine Type: 350

    I've been meaning to make this for a while but finally got to it yesterday. 
    I Started with 2 mandrel bent stainless 90's (available on amazon, or summit etc) and 1 12" section of 3" Stainless tube (i had it in the shop, but also available at amazon or summit etc)

    Oddly enough the mandrels were a Perfect fit even before any trimming so all I had to do was square the ends and weld them together. 


    Once welded I notched the tube for the downpipe and marked where it would go. Cut that out with a plasma and then used a die grinder to clean it up. This could also easily be done with a dremel. 
    For the downpipe I slash cut it and then put it in a vise to taper the end to hopefully avoid as much spray as possible. 


    Then it was welded up and test fit:

    From there I cut some stainless flanges:


    The original plan was to do it without any couplers, just bolt it on. 
    However once I started that process it's damn near impossible to get the screw holes aligned and the angles correct so I caved and just sliced the ends off and put couplers on. 
    I can't fit my boat in my shop and I was too lazy to drag a welder out into the driveway, otherwise I would have just put it together and tacked it on the boat to fit. 
    This picture is before cleanup and squaring etc. I decided to have to tubes extend into the factory exhaust as it's a tight fit and I think it will add some support and take some stress off the screw holes. 


    Now I just need to add a support to the swim deck mount and I'll be good to go! That will pull the angle up a bit, as it sits it's sagging a bit under it's own weight in the silicone couplers. 

    Added a mount to the swim deck this afternoon and cleaned everything up a bit. 








    Total cost ~100 + roughly 2 hours of my time. 


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    "Total cost ~100 + roughly 2 hours of my time. "   <---     Hey no bragging!   haha

    Not surprised you whipped up a surf exhaust quicker than watching a movie.  Nice.    Looks clean.

    I made mine last summer? Or one before?  I forget.   But I used an oval exhaust shape for the drop to the water portion... so I didn't vice it.   But then wondered if I should have squeezed it thinner... so weeks later I squeezed it into more of a teardrop shape after I'd already been using it.  Didn't notice a difference but it really didn't spray anyway.

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    I think oval and bigger would have been better but this is what I had so hopefully it works, I'm slightly concerned about the straight 90 and no curvature to the exit, but it seems to work for everyone else lol

    I think the ideal would be to do a merge collector instead of the 90 degree exit (like you did on yours, which is awesome by the way) and I may do that at some point if I'm not happy with this one. 

    Edited by SONICJK
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    Got out on the water this weekend.

    WOW sure does make a noise difference. Totally different boat, I can now easily hear the tower speakers while surfing and even talk to people in the boat. 

    I noticed a bit of power loss, and I can smell it running rich. Plannning on swapping to EFI this winter so that should fix that. 

    No noticeable effect on the wave. 
    I'm probably going to open up the transition a bit with some additional tube this winter so it's not a straight 90Degree bend. 

    Edited by SONICJK
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    Did you notice any handling difference while slow speed maneuvering? Just curious with how far it hung down below the hull. I bought a merge pipe to use instead of tying the two 90°s together 

    Edited by 918vlx
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    I didn't notice any handling changes low speed or high. 
    it's inline with the center of the prop, so it shouldn't have any rudder like effects, If you were off center you'd probably get a pull to one side. 

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    On 3/24/2020 at 10:20 AM, 918vlx said:

    Did you notice any handling difference while slow speed maneuvering? Just curious with how far it hung down below the hull. I bought a merge pipe to use instead of tying the two 90°s together 

    What is the merge pipe and what will it do?

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