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  1. Only what I see on You Tube
  2. Great job!! Good write up also. thanks! i will be building a set in the near future.
  3. Rugger, that Sir, is one awesome job!! Great write up as well! you Sir are a very talented individual.
  4. Nicely done! And very nice write up that could guide anyone to do a great job
  5. Hahaha! I should do that!
  6. We surf year round and this past winter, my 11 year old grand daughter starting going out with us on cold days. We were on my buddy's boat in December and he had a heater.... when Taya wasn't surfing, she was bundled up and had that tube inserted in the bundle. me being the fat F that I am had always relied on the walrus effect for heat. well, I broke down and ordered a 3 port 42,000btu unit from heatcraft up in Idaho. when the unit came, I laid everything out and saw that I hadn't ordered a circ pump. theirs was pretty pricey so I got one on Amazon for $70. it m
  7. Excellent looking job! did you make the plates or have them made? plasma cut? Or end mill?
  8. Wanted some underwater transom lights. i liked the looks of the Atwood light armor lights. So I got 4 of them. they have 12 leds each and are 3250 lumens each. first, I had to pick spots that weren't going to interfere with th surfplates and that were pretty flat. the drilling is easy after doing a ballast add. I then wired them into the existing surf light wires and switch. then I put some string leds on the swim deck. I took off the rubrail, and ran the string through a length of 11/4" clear tubing. I used the stainless rubrail bracket to hold the tubing in place. It
  9. Jeffo

    MB Surf tab mod

    Yes it is up when not deployed and I've heard that comment before. But there have been no issues at all.
  10. So when I bought my 2015 B52, it had factory surf system, MB Switch Gen 2. It produced a good wave but not great...(to me). i read all of the threads about the slappers and knew that the Ghetto Gate worked well on my Sanger V230. i wanted the slapper effect, but I wanted to use what I had on hand, not buy more stuff and throw out the brand new existing! so, I sat behind Blue for hours trying to come up with an idea that was cost effective and not too labor intensive. first, I made a plywood mockup to check angles and motion. then I broke out my trusty plasma and TIG ge
  11. I like how you did your switches for the pumps better than mine
  12. Awesome. Interesting info on water force. ThAnks
  13. Rugger i had no wings before. But I figured if I was trying stuff, what the heck!!! I can always cut it off!!
  14. Just read this. That is great work!!! Cant believe the polish job on the stainless!!! I need some lessons from you!
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