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  • Wake Plate w/ Built in Surf Exhaust (Exhaust mod #3)

    • Year: 2015 Brand: MB Sports Model / Trim: B-52 23 Cost: $500-$999 DIY or Professional Install: I installed it Engine Type: Raptor 400

    IMG_1074.JPG.e6362298ef3054b9eb6fc154cb2d4196.JPGIMG_1047.JPG.11139785b0f291cd7713865f45039cdd.JPGMy therapist, my Surfing partner, says I have an obsession with boat exhaust.... I don't want to hear, smell, see the steam, or taste it while I'm behind the boat. I've posted once about my silent Stinger project. At the time I did it, I was torn between two ideas.

    so, this is the other idea I had and I think that it is actually the better of the 2.

    what about running a tailpipe similar to FAE thru the Wake plate??? Then you wouldn't need to run a cheesy bracket or worry about it falling off or changing position on you. Just how to make the exhaust flexible enough to move with the adjustable plate. 

    So, my first step was to decide which Wake plate design I liked best. Centurions Stinger plate. I made a couple of changes, drew it out, and plasma cut it out of 11ga. 304 stainless.

    then, I needed to bend the batwings. I didn't have a break, so I made one from 1/2"x12"x48" steel and some angle iron.

    Since I was running thru a flat plate, I made a collector chamber from a 3.5" stainless tube and 2 1/2" stainless channel. The exhaust outlet is 3.5" stainless tube that I crushed between two plates using clamps. Then I angle cut both ends to flow it aft and down. Ordered a 3/8" hinge on Amazon, and some 3.5" wet exhaust hose also. Made an adjustable bracket to tie in the actuator( Hyperryd 's idea). Welded it up, mounted it and tested on the Delta. 

    It is quiet, still have wave adjustability, lost 3mph at top end, just like with my FAE.

    the bat wings really cleaned up the goofy wave. The regular wave seems a little flatter but has plenty of push and still very surfable. I may shorten the starboard side wing to see if it changes.

    some of the pics are an asymmetric version for a friend.






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    I've had a bit of an inside track on this one so I don't have a lot of questions.  Awesome work!  I know how hard and long you have worked on this.  I think it is a winner!  I hope your friend appreciates the workmanship...

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    That is awesome Jeffo! Great work.  It's actually simpler than your other one which makes it an even better design in my book.   Who needs a brake, that looks great.

    That might be difficult to make for my power wedge though.   Why do you think your regular changed?  Did you have the same wing plate shape before?

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    @Jeffo, I know you didn't build this specifically for Wake Garage, but I promise you Wake Garage was made to showcase projects like this!   Love the out of box thinking.  I'm a big believer in Fresh Air Exhaust (good company and product) and you now have benefits of a few functions in one.   

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