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  1. Brettlee3232

    MB Surf tab mod

    Looks good, but is it in the up position when not deployed? Looks a little dangerous?
  2. I've always loved the rack Corson Piper makes. Finally got one & decided to custom mount it under the Bimini to hold my Doomswell. I hated having a board bag in my walk way. I had a bar running center of my tower so I couldn't use a clamp. Just did through bolts with a thumb screw. Oh & I powder coated it to match.
  3. So when I did my stereo I wanted 4 zones of audio to control tower, cabin, bow & subs. I wasn't using the 4 ACC switches so I thought I would have the stereo guy put them there. I was custom labels made at a vinyl shop. Ended up doing all the switches so they would match. My OCD was killing me.
  4. My wife always complained she couldn't see over the dash when I was surfing (even with the bolster). Then I came across a 9"seat riser on Amazon. A couple of the guys on the Moomba forum got 12" risers, most of them ended up cutting them down to 9" so I just ordered 9". Easy replacement & of course I had to powdercoat it haha
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