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  • DECKadence/Miner's Moss Floor

    • Year: 2007 Brand: Moomba Model / Trim: LSV Cost: $250-$499 DIY or Professional Install: I installed it

    Well, I didn't use either DECKadence or Miner's Moss but instead used Jim's Ultra Marine Carpet.  My criteria were that I wanted the thickness of DECKadence, no visible seams, and I wanted to pay Miner's Moss prices.  I got pretty close...

    Jim's Ultra Marine comes in a 4' x 10' size with the anti-slip backing already glued on.  The piece he sent me was a little over 10' long which meant I would only need two seams - one under the rear bench (which you'll never see) and the other under the helm.  

    To make a template, I followed Jim's process of using 6mil poly.  There are other methods that work well but for me this was the most intuitive.  Once the template is laid out, the actual cutting is really easy.  I followed his (and other's) suggestion of cutting at a 45* angle with the top wider than the bottom.  Here's the template laid out over the Ultra Marine Carpet (note that "TOP" is written backwards - Jim's instructions said to label it and thank God I did b/c I laid it out the wrong way and almost cut it in reverse...)



    Here's what it looks like installed.  I've done multiple projects with my boat (dual battery VSR, 3 reversible pumps/ballast upgrade, HDPE surf platform) but this is the only one people notice.  It looks great, feels great under feet and the maintenance is right in my wheelhouse.



    One more pic from the bow.  You may notice that the carpet does not include a seam for the ski locker - I chose not to do this (though Jim's instructions show you how) b/c it is very easy to roll it back to access the locker.  We pretty much only surf so the only thing that holds is a ballast bag.



    I did not install any snaps as others have done.  Given the weight of this, it does not move around and since we rarely trailer the boat, I didn't see the need.  

    Heres what the floor looked like after I pulled the carpet:


    User Feedback

     That’s looks amazing.    One of best of this style we’ve seen.    Nice work and thanks for posting.  Sure to be copied!  

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    @Leebo   great work.  I like the look... why did you choose this over EVA foam?    I go back and forth.   

    And what's the difference between "Jim's PVC loop" vs "Dekadence"?   Thanks!

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    I don’t know the diff. I would check w Jim. 

    vs. EVA, it was simple. My floor is not finished fiberglass which means I would need to cover it entirely. It is more work lining-up seams and filling gaps than I was interested in. And I had a general bias to use this type of carpet. 

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    I think I paid $430 shipped. It does not come wider in the Ultra Marine but DECKadence does and I think his PVC loop can come in a custom size. 

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