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  1. I have a 2007 226 any idea if they could be made to fit that boat ? Thanks. Nice work is it allstainless?
  2. nice work. and if you need to you can use it in the house lol
  3. I made one the other day also had a vacum pump from past Ac work I used to do. Made mine 5' tall with the same fittings ect. work well used 1/4" hard plastic tubing from HD took a while to suck cold oil out of 20' of hose do not have to put unit in boat and risk a spill.
  4. I since changed from purple string to zip ties and re did the covers smaller to fit inside the frames.
  5. I got this boat that had NEVER been on a trailer, not a chip os scratch on the bow from towing. I made a set of gaurds for the front of the trailer to protect the bow . Made brackets tht clamped onto trailer trailer is brand new so not drilling into it. Bent up frames from 1" aluminum tube and had them powder coated black. Had my Mom sew up the mesh covers added gromets and wala!!! They work extremly well, have towed to Lake Havasu and various smaller trips no hasstles. To launch I take the left side one of briefly release the whinch strap and safety strap and then put it back on till we reload the boat. Sorry about the order of the pics lol
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