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  • Ice melter (factory cooler) fix

    • Year: 2008 Brand: Supra Model / Trim: Launch 22ssv Device Type : Suction Cup Gate Style Surf Device Material: (unspecified) Control: Unspecified Cost: $0-$249 Ballast Modifications: Other DIY or Professional Install: I installed it / created it Sound Project Components: Other Platform Type: Fiberglass Engine Type: Indmar 340 Material used: Other

    The factory installed cooler on this boat was a cool idea, really a huge space for more than enough cold storage than I would need but it warmed up quickly. Even on a cloudy 65* day it couldn't keep ice for more than a couple hours. 


    No pics here but I pulled out the bin they call a cooler and it's only about 3/16" fiberglass bin with a layer of carpet around it and a 3/4" drain that dumps in the bilge. 


    I installed a ball valve on the drain is rather keep the cold water in than have nothing. 


    I then got a roll of the bubble insulation and tape for about $30 and wrapped the bin. I then used a piece laid over the top of our items to insulate the top. (Sorry about that awful pic)IMG_20200712_142006463.jpg.e1b87b0675c444a64a145fc6a2c2f39e.jpg


    I used it like this for a couple months now with vast improvement over the original set up.


    Today I decided to use the leftovers and lined the inside of the compartment around the bin with an additional layer of insulation. IMG_20200712_142001017.jpg.3712facedabeb8b036a4dcba6417c49b.jpg

    I reinstalled the bin and added two layers of insulation to the bottom of the seat cushion over top. I'm expecting great results. 


    We do use cooler shock ice packs so I can't speak for straight ice but the beers stay cold all day. 


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    I've yet to figure out why none of the boat manufacturers insulate their coolers. It just makes no sense. 
    I believe the new nautiques just started insulating like last year, it's just insanity. It costs them an additional 10 dollars to make happy customers I just can't fathom why no one does it. 


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    Nice job and great upgrade.  I did something similar, put as thick of insulation as I could fit without redoing the box (1" pink foam board).    Sounds like you've already got great results...  but one more idea to consider... grab a refrigerator door seal, or use one of the roto seal replacements for Rtic or Yeti, etc. and run that around the lid/seat back edge.  Can't see it, and it really seals things up and made a difference for us too. 

    Totally agree with sonic... it's stupid that these boat companies don't do this from factory.  Most throw in a soft cooler, and I get the taking it in and out, but silly not to line the cooler even if it came with a soft bag.

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    * update... Took it out yesterday, loaded the cooler a little after noon. We were out until about 7 so I didn't unload the cooler til after 8. My kids popsicles were still frosty. Not frozen but obviously they weren't in the freezer. 

    They only made it a few hours with the single layer of insulation so major improvement. 


    I think a seal would be a great idea. The cushion isn't on a hinge, so I'd have to account for the stoppers .

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