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    False Wall for Aftermarket Subwoofer Box

    • Year: Choose Below Brand: Moomba Model / Trim: XLV Cost: $250-$499 DIY or Professional Install: I installed it Sound Project Components: Upgraded Subwoofer / Box

    I got this aftermarket premade subwoofer box and subs from a coworker for free.  I quickly tested it out and it sounded better than the 12" sealed box I had just sitting under the helm.  It looked to be a tight fit and thought Id give it a try.  I have basic wood working tools.  Jig saw, sand paper, square, etc.  I borrowed an electric handheld router, 45* bit and straight template bit.

    My basic goals were:

    1. Hide the ports and cover up the box entirely

    2. Have as much leg room as I possibly can

    3. Come up with a finished layout that matched the rest of the interior

    3. Keep it simple











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    Thanks guys!

    A couple of other things to note...

    I coated both pieces with a few coats of epoxy to waterproof prior to covering them.

    If I were to do something like this again I would probably use MDF for anything that would have any routed edges or rabbeting.  I had to fill in a few areas where the cuts were at the layers of plywood when doing the back cut for the screen to sit flush, and smooth a few areas from the 45* router bit.

    I initially wanted to use some of the left over vinyl from my interior replacement, but I didn't have big enough pieces.  The dark grey and red vinyl on the boat is textured in a tight pattern like a screen door, and I wanted something similar.  The red material is left over from a project on my '62 Fairlane.  It is almost a canvas type material.  Downside is that It does not stretch like vinyl so it was a little challenging in the tight bends on the port opening.  The back piece that is dark grey is actually foam.  It is one of those roll up yoga mats. 

    The screen is from Home Depot.  Its a gutter guard.  They are like 36" long and have a 90* bend running down the length of it.  Just trimmed it up and painted with aluminum spray paint.

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    It seems like you have a few things you would like a second chance at and being the team player kind of guy that I am I would like to offer up my boat as a chance for you to really get this design down to a perfection status.

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    I'm joking, project people are always their own worst critics. I look at it and think "man that looks sweet!!!!!!" you see every flaw and pitfall you fell into along the way. It's like the curse of doing everything yourself. It looks really great and has given me some Ideas for something I might want to do in the future. I appreciate the offer....pretty darn cool of you.

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    You nailed it.  It is a curse.  I enjoy doing this kind of stuff myself, but it is challenging at times!

    The next big project might be a swim platform. Narrow but deeper like the newer Moomba's or Supra's and raised up so it doesn't cut into the surf wave, a lip on the back to protect the boat from boards, cup holders like the new Centurions, and maybe some recessed pockets to hold onto like the Mastercraft's had.

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