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  1. rhino89523

    False Wall for Aftermarket Subwoofer Box

    I'm joking, project people are always their own worst critics. I look at it and think "man that looks sweet!!!!!!" you see every flaw and pitfall you fell into along the way. It's like the curse of doing everything yourself. It looks really great and has given me some Ideas for something I might want to do in the future. I appreciate the offer....pretty darn cool of you.
  2. rhino89523

    False Wall for Aftermarket Subwoofer Box

    It seems like you have a few things you would like a second chance at and being the team player kind of guy that I am I would like to offer up my boat as a chance for you to really get this design down to a perfection status.
  3. rhino89523

    False Wall for Aftermarket Subwoofer Box

    Looks like all goals were accomplished....way cool looks great!!!!
  4. rhino89523

    Supreme Wet Sounds Upgrade

    Your wiring is really clean, a dream for a guy who buys things used...I never see anything that nice, I get scotch locked source power and just have to re do everything.
  5. rhino89523

    Kojak's Tribal Delete & Graphics Install

    I don't know man, the Tribal would have looked killer with my tribal band tattoo....kidding of course, I don't even have tattoo's. It looks really nice, Domed Numbers really did knock it out of the park and you nailed it on the install....looks perfect. My boat is all naked on the side, it had some tribal stuff and I like it plain...at least I did. Looking at your boat naked I think it looks better with a graphic and the ones you chose really set it off!!! That's it, my nickname has always been Rhino, my last name is Ryan, I'm a big guy, I played football as a lineman, and picked up the nickname in High School...Dropped it when I went to college, I mean I'm not going to introduce myself as a pachaderm...ever!!! and it still came back to me, so I'm stuck with it, could be worse I guess. Anyway now I think I need to get a huge Tribal Rhino tattoo that covers my whole back, then I will get the same tribal rhino on the side of my boat fading into tribal flames and barb wire!!!! Wake garage inspires again
  6. Bullards bar is awesome, anyone been there yet? Any water down that way warmed up nice yet?
  7. Nice garage, I built a 1200sqft in my backyard and wish I went at least double that size.
  8. Hell Yeah @dukesofhazzard daughter is ripping!!!!!
  9. Mine had a big Avalanche thing on there kind of tribal like...with scratches through it and pretty deep into the Gel coat...all part of price negotiations. I thought I could live with the scratches, and I could have. I bought the boat in Oregon and live in Nevada so had time to think on the drive home. Bought some rubbing compound on the drive and spot checked it. That night I used the heat gun to pull the stickers and wet sanded the whole side, then started polishing. When the wife came out to see our "new" boat for the first time I had the whole side all white looking from wet sanding and I thought she was going to lose it. The picture I posted was the next morning. It came out really good and I actually prefer it without the stickers. This is actually how the boat looked when I bought it.
  10. So I am posting this with no pictures. The reason for this is 2 fold. First I suck with a camera and I am a big guy replacing the cable in a small space. the work was tough enough so getting pictures wasn't going to happen. Additionally at the time I wasn't on this website...Admin no I am not looking for a hat or whatever just thought maybe this could help. O.K. so this is a little off memory but I'll hit a few of the key points for this one. First off don't be afraid it wasn't nearly as hard as I had heard it would be. Second if your steering isn't a one finger affair you probably need this cable. My boat turned like I was driving one of my old 60's internationals without power steering and now it turns really easy. The first thing I would do it find the cable number, it is on the cable sheathing in white letters. As I remember there are only like 3 different ones they usually use in the V-drives. Look for this number...if you can find it great...order the new cable. In my case the Teleflex number had come off so I had to do it by length...not a big deal. If you need to remove the cable to get a length hook your fish, a piece of rope, whatever you are going to use to your old cable and pull that through with your cable. If mine had the number on it I think I would have removed it from the helm, removed it from the rudder, cut the big helm rack and pinion piece off and pulled the new one through using the old cable. In my case I pulled from the helm up and had the rope connected. On the avalanche you can remove the floor so it really isn't a big deal but on boats without the removable floor make sure you pull a fish with you when you remove the old cable or use the cable as the fish....O.K. enough about the fish. If you have your cable great, if you don't lay it on the floor and get a measurement, they are in feet and the footage is part of the teleflex part number get the cable. You have to pull from the rudder side as that is the small end of the cable, attach your new cable with the rudder side to your fish. attach it well, if you lose it, it is going to suck. Now pull your cable through. If you can get help it helps to feed it from one end and pull from the other. This isn't like pulling electrical into your house, if you catch on something you are caught...back up and go again, don't pull hard it should just slip into position. Now attach everything and you are done. As I remember there is one big bolt you have to deal with that is like an 1"1/8" wrench required...something like that. As I remember there is a step you can skip here to make it easier but you will see what I mean if you got this far. The cable does need to be fed through this rear mount point before attaching to the rudder. Congrats now your boat will turn super easy. I was told this project was a royal pain by everyone I talked to. It took me 10 minutes to get it out, 2 minutes to measure, 2 days to get the cable, and about a half hour to put it in.
  11. Man I just did this last year, think I either added it as a project or tacked onto the completed original project which was the reason I went with the glide. My install was a pain because the motor was way out of alignment....probably half the reason the cutlass went bad. I am happy with the parts that were provided and the Glide folks were awesome. If I enter and win can I donate it to my favorite entrant??? 2005 Avalanche, projects so far since this picture was taken. Glide bearings and seals Flooring home made wake gate Ballast work figuring out how to properly service everything cut me some slack I've only owned it a full season...I'll get some more stuff going. Projects before this picture was taken were a steering cable and pulled the stickers and buffed out the deep scratches.
  12. rhino89523

    Fiberglass platform

    That turned out really nice. My teak one is hanging in there but I will probably go the fiberglass route when it finally takes a dump.
  13. I'm not all the way back together yet on mine because I got side tracked getting ready for a family vacation and only had a few hours with the boat before leaving. Anyway the tear apart went pretty good and a socket worked well with some longer bolts to separate the shaft on my style V drive. The strut bushings came out pretty quick and easy, long blade on the sawzall upside down into the support. Hold the sawzall real flat and you can see when you get close, few taps and she popped right out, the rear one or towards the front of the boat was a little tougher but with the long blade it went pretty quick. I had them both out in about 10 minutes. It took me longer to put them in, even with freezing them for a few days it still took some persuasion to get them installed.
  14. rhino89523

    Pop Up Pylon Modification

    I didn't know I wanted this until I saw it, pretty cool. I use ours to hold life jackets that are not in use. We usually have at least 2 to 3 slung around it but this is so cool.
  15. rhino89523

    New Interior

    Man that turned out so nice. Your upholstery guy did nice work. Great job!!! Dig the dash rewrap.