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  1. I used the existing rubber hoses and hardware from my factory silent rider muffler and everything fit great. Just took a little trial and error on cutting the stainless to fit
  2. Thanks for the tip on finding another supplier for the stainless Rugger! Your own projects are inspiring as well. The fae is probley another month out or so. Still have to get all of the interior back together soon... I'll post up the rest of the projects once its finally finished
  3. With surfing becoming the main priority on my boat I've slowly started updating over this spring. Numerous projects going on at once but the exhaust was a quick and easy after looking at a few similar projects here on the forum. I took a slightly different path from the last few I've seen for a muffler bypass. Instead of using straight rubber wet exhaust hose or even abs pipe I chose to buy 2 pre bent 3.5 mandrel 90° exhaust fittings from summit racing. I believe the part number was SUM-622130. I trimmed roughly 6 and 3/4's of an inch off of each side to make them slip into the existing rubber boots that went to the original silent rider exhaust. I felt like it gave a more complete finish to the engine compartment, rather than going with any of the alternatives. Once I finish the rest of the updates inside the boat I will be building my own fae from the same stainless exhaust piping.
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