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  1. Yes the original pump was discontinued and they sell a conversion. The conversion was still being manufactured when I replaced mine. I would have been down last summer for 3+weeks so I researched the pumps specifics. The p5000 was same psi and flow, from information I could find, and I figured as long as the pressure regulator could dump back to tank I'd be ok.
  2. So if you are cheap like me, u can do the 500$ conversion for 100$. All I did was order the carter p5000 from summit racing. https://m.summitracing.com/parts/crt-p5000 Then I removed return to pump line from the bracket and plugged it with 7/16 x24 fitting plug. I spliced a new connection and put it back together and it's been good.
  3. Ninetysixsurfer

    Glide Bearings Dripless Shaft Seal

    @Hyperryd you must have endless energy! Another great write up!
  4. Ninetysixsurfer

    Fiberglassed Foam and Velcro Wave

    My nephew is figuring it out! Here's some video so the pics don't cheat anything. IMG_3123.MOV
  5. Ninetysixsurfer

    Fiberglassed Foam and Velcro Wave

    I used rigid insulation from Lowes, fiberglass(bondo brand), two part epoxy, bondo filler, bondo fiberglass resin, 2" Velcro, and I painted with flex seal. I started with making a template. I followed 30 degree angle with a triangle with 20x15x10 inch sides. I cut four triangular pieces of two inch foam and laminated them together. I sanded all sides really well, then cut fiberglass and epoxied first layer. The eps foam will melt if you use resin. But after the epoxy layer I used a more inexpensive resin for a couple more layers. Then used bondo filler to smooth and fill some uneven spots. Lots of sanding involved before painting and spraying with flex seal( I wouldn't use flex seal again it marks boat and has got sticky/messy). Finally, I put Velcro on its side and both sides of my hull. It works really well! I'll take more pics if anyone's interested. I'd incorporate a cut in handle and a breather valve but it's worked for a couple seasons now. I don't use spacer in pic, I just let the shaper hanger down over the step in my hull. I fill my rear and ski lockers and cheat some lead to surf side.
  6. Ninetysixsurfer

    My custom Nautique 230 NSS

    I made a triangle and you engineered a masterpiece! Great work! I admire your skills!
  7. Ninetysixsurfer

    Muffler delete and zero clamp fae

    I added fae and decided while I had the thru hull exhaust off it would be a good time to delete the 21 year old muffler that was bound to fail at some point. There isn't a ton of room so with the tips off its way easier to get hoses on and off. I went with a one piece thru hull fae, so once it was screwed into transom, I wouldn't have to forget to tighten clamps. I found muffler shop that would fabricate a stainless straight pipe for 700$. I wanted to spend less so I found 4x 3.5" rubber elbows and 2x 9" pieces of stainless steal 3.5". It was an easy fix and fit great. I have been out once to test it and there is pretty good spray between transom and swimstep but I'll work on that. Pics are just from fitting I added clamps lol
  8. Ninetysixsurfer

    Wake Plate w/ Built in Surf Exhaust (Exhaust mod #3)

    I am impressed this is a very nice custom exhaust with extra function. Genius!