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  1. Nice upgrade. I agree its important to have a depth gauge... surprised yours didn't come with one. I didnt realize it was an option. looks like a great project and the stock-like decision was a good one. cool
  2. ryan

    Seadek refresh - Carpet replacement

    Don’t think I’ve seen the seadek on tower legs. Kinda ties it all together
  3. ryan

    Fae wakeplate contraption

    Now that's creative. I dig it! Have you tried it out yet?
  4. ryan

    2012 23LSV Surfgates

    Badass. Looks like it could be stock. Gonna have questions if you don't mind haha.... who is programming your arduino? You using the code listed on this site from Jhart?
  5. Nice job. I love the part about "then I knocked out the stringers and junk" like that's no big deal. lol I'm with you on the prop guard... smart upgrade for sure! Definitely would feel more comfortable. Your welds are more than adequate... I did want to point out my buddies in custom fabrication always tell me it's better to weld at an angle on channel, so your cuts could have been done at a 45 and then your outside plate would be a diamond shape... so it never has direct vertical welds. Just throwing that down if anyone else wants to look into it. But your solution should not crack, is bullet proof, and looks good. And like you said, the weight distribution didn't even change. Looks good dude!
  6. ryan

    Cheap no sew/weld tower Bimini

    Great write up. That boat is just frickin' cool. Love those things.
  7. ryan

    Ballast Pump Motor Shelves

    That's a good point about the drip. Funny how manufacturers miss little things like that sometimes too. Nice project... What boat is this? Did you have to do anything on the transom side as far as mounting? Or did you use existing location?
  8. Nice job! That's a pretty creative solution. I especially like that it stays with the board when you take to other boats... and that it could work (I think) with any future boards. You like your stuff to stay nice... sounds like a boat owner
  9. ryan

    FAE Muffler Bypass

    Dude that red looks awesome too. Nice!
  10. ryan

    Arduino Controller for Automatic gates

    This is a sweet project. I'm sure there will be a lot of spring projects using your formula.
  11. ryan

    DIY Fluid Extractor

    I subscribe to the change your oil before winterizing philosophy. ... so thanks again for this post. I'm putting together a parts list now.
  12. ryan

    New Interior

    Awesome job
  13. ryan

    Nautique G-23 Stereo Upgrades

    Like the Wetsounds behind the Polk grill! Not being funny I really like those nautique grills. Like Polk speakers too but I'll be that ws system rocks. Great install
  14. ryan

    Boat Renew / Audio Upgrade 2012 Malibu 22 MXZ

    If I didn't know boats, I'd swear that was factory. Nice work.
  15. ryan

    $30 surf exhaust

    So do you have any changes you plan? Or are you good to go, no reason to change? Man it seems so simple.