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  1. Nice job! That's a pretty creative solution. I especially like that it stays with the board when you take to other boats... and that it could work (I think) with any future boards. You like your stuff to stay nice... sounds like a boat owner
  2. FAE Muffler Bypass

    Dude that red looks awesome too. Nice!
  3. Arduino Controller for Automatic gates

    This is a sweet project. I'm sure there will be a lot of spring projects using your formula.
  4. DIY Fluid Extractor

    I subscribe to the change your oil before winterizing philosophy. ... so thanks again for this post. I'm putting together a parts list now.
  5. New Interior

    Awesome job
  6. Nautique G-23 Stereo Upgrades

    Like the Wetsounds behind the Polk grill! Not being funny I really like those nautique grills. Like Polk speakers too but I'll be that ws system rocks. Great install
  7. Boat Renew / Audio Upgrade 2012 Malibu 22 MXZ

    If I didn't know boats, I'd swear that was factory. Nice work.
  8. $30 surf exhaust

    So do you have any changes you plan? Or are you good to go, no reason to change? Man it seems so simple.
  9. MB Slappers

    Like the curved edge. Looks stock. Nice
  10. Sucgate

    Great project. I'd pay money for that setup. $50 bucks versus 500? No brainer. Thanks for posting this. I've got a friends 01 Nautique I'm going to put this on.
  11. How's the Seadeck compared to carpet? That's a straightforward update that really updates the boats quickly. Did you have to prep it beyond pulling the carpet and general cleanup?