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  • Boat Renew / Audio Upgrade 2012 Malibu 22 MXZ

    • Year: 2012 Brand: Malibu Model / Trim: 22 MXZ Cost: $3500+ DIY or Professional Install: Professional Install Sound Project Components: Upgraded Head Unit, Upgraded Amps, Upgraded Cabin Speakers, Upgraded Tower Speakers, Upgraded Batteries, Upgraded Subwoofer / Box, Other

    Hey Everyone! 

    I'm Christopher. This was my 2012 Malibu 22 MXZ Audio project we finished last summer:

    All work performed by Mark Fung / Stereo Solutions in Redding CA (530-224-1400)

    I wanted my stereo to be super easy to operate, loud, clear and current technology. I wanted anyone to be able to operate it.  I wanted nothing to be in the way of storing tubes, toys, towels, etc.

    I wanted to sell the boat but also use it if it didn't sell. My wife and family did NOT like messing with an eq to change volume and plug in their iphones. i also wanted to get rid of an eq because everyone was always messing with my settings. it was under the oem radio area so everyone saw it. 

    in came JL Audios MediaMaster Head Unit. Built a custom Trim Ring and polished it out to get as OEM look as possible. Also had a custom Radio on off switch made and installed to look like the malibu switches and wired it so even if you kill the radio batteries, the boat still will start.


    while we were up in front, we also wired into the factory screens all lighting. interior lights obviously were already there. added additional color changing interior lights, and also wired in a vision x 52" light bar.



    The OEM POV.HD Tower cam never worked right so we rewired it, moved the control unit to the drivers side, and integrated it into the Malibu Display. For some reason it wasn't hooked up that way. Also installed a High power (5 Watt +)  USB charger to charge everyones phones. White cable went directly to the JL media master for audio, red was just for charging. 


    Next we swapped out the speakers. We were planning on doing the M880's all the way around but we had depth issues. so we ended up doing a pair of the m880s (8.8") in the front of the boat, one pair of the m650s (6.5") in the walkway and two pairs of the m770s (7.7") in the back. you can see we built adapters and wrapped them in black leather. on the tower we did one pair of the M880 8.8" tower speakers. IMG_4350.jpg.9791fcaf7717b209a5734339dd369c5d.jpgIMG_4349.jpg.14035501d8051a11ce899662fb417bc1.jpgIMG_4333.jpg.fd1e4c04ebb3e18f7ca242fe27796443.jpg

    Powering everything is a pair of JL Audio MHD600/4 amplifiers. for some reason i never took pictures of the amps completed but here is where we mounted them. For subwoofer we did a JL audio MHD 750/1. 



    Subwoofer we ended up doing a JL Audio 12W7 in a custom box. bedlined, plexiglass window and had it etched to say Malibu 22MXZ. Added places for the factory heating vents also. Everyone was complaining that i didn't go bigger on the sub and blah blah blah. but when airspace is right and you have good clean power these subs POUND.



    Well next on the agenda was powering the whole thing. we figured out what our draw was and what we needed for it to be perfect. in came in the three interstate MT7 batteries. built a custom rack for them to sit in so they wouldn't move around, and then put them under the seat that no one ever moves. this way you dont notice them at all, and still have full storage to use. again, sorry for the non finished pictures.


    added a big battery charger and put it way up where no one would find it. then ran the wiring to the back of the boat and added a waterproof plug so when it was in the garage i could plug it in without getting in the boat or messing with the cover. 



    there was more but not that i can remember at the moment. then it was just removing the wrap, a full detail, enjoy it for the rest of summer and watching it go to its new owner to enjoy.





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    Just now, ryan said:

    If I didn't know boats, I'd swear that was factory.  Nice work.  

    Thank you! that's the exact thing we were going for. it was nice that it sounded amazing and you still had full factory storage. it was so nice. 

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    Thanks for posting, Chris.  That's a sweet boat.  The attention to detail is second to none with sub box etching, button, bezel etc.   It's really multiple good projects within one large install that myself and others can use as a great example.  It's got me spinning with ideas!   Thanks again.

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    14 hours ago, MartinArcher said:

    How do you like the JL tower speakers?I've been curious about them and would love to hear them in person after reading some of the reviews.

    I LOVED them. this system was loud and crystal clear. i have zero complaints. 

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