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    Centurion SeaDek flooring

    • Year: 2005 Brand: Centurion Model / Trim: avalanche Cost: $1000-$1499 DIY or Professional Install: Professional Install Installation Shop: Live 2 Wake


    I started by removing the rubber non slip pads near the bow pass through. Once I got all the adhesive off  I made templates for all the flooring. I designed and fabricated the flooring off of the templates. I had to reach out to centurion to ask if I could use their logo in the kit. They agreed, and i started fabrication. Once i had the completed product i removed all the snaps and blew the boat out. Next I thoroughly cleaned the floors and gunnels with windex and then denatured alcohol. Once i was satisfied with the floors i started laying down the flooring. I like to fold the backing back to reveal about 1" of the adhesive. Then i place the part on the deck and get my alignment. Once i am satisfied with the alignment i will tack the piece and peel the remainder of the backing off to install the rest of the piece. The gunnel strips are a bit tricky. I pull the backing back and reveal about 1" of the adhesive for the whole length of the part. Then i tack it on the ends and in the middle trying to maintain an even reveal. These are easy to make look wavy. I typically work from bow to stern ensuring that the reveals are even as i go. Once the kit was installed i blew the boat out with a shop blower and it was ready to hit the lake.








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