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  • Replacing the steering cable on a Vdrive (centurion avalanche)

    • Year: 2005 Brand: Centurion Model / Trim: Avalanche Cost: $0-$249 Engine Type: 350 MPI towsports

    So I am posting this with no pictures. The reason for this is 2 fold. First I suck with a camera and I am a big guy replacing the cable in a small space. the work was tough enough so getting pictures wasn't going to happen. Additionally at the time I wasn't on this website...Admin no I am not looking for a hat or whatever just thought maybe this could help.

    O.K. so this is a little off memory but I'll hit a few of the key points for this one. First off don't be afraid it wasn't nearly as hard as I had heard it would be. Second if your steering isn't a one finger affair you probably need this cable. My boat turned like I was driving one of my old 60's internationals without power steering and now it turns really easy. The first thing I would do it find the cable number, it is on the cable sheathing in white letters. As I remember there are only like 3 different ones they usually use in the V-drives. Look for this number...if you can find it great...order the new cable. In my case the Teleflex number had come off so I had to do it by length...not a big deal. If you need to remove the cable to get a length hook your fish, a piece of rope, whatever you are going to use to your old cable and pull that through with your cable. If mine had the number on it I think I would have removed it from the helm, removed it from the rudder, cut the big helm rack and pinion piece off and pulled the new one through using the old cable. In my case I pulled from the helm up and had the rope connected. On the avalanche you can remove the floor so it really isn't a big deal but on boats without the removable floor make sure you pull a fish with you when you remove the old cable or use the cable as the fish....O.K. enough about the fish.

    If you have your cable great, if you don't lay it on the floor and get a measurement, they are in feet and the footage is part of the teleflex part number get the cable.

    You have to pull from the rudder side as that is the small end of the cable, attach your new cable with the rudder side to your fish. attach it well, if you lose it, it is going to suck. Now pull your cable through. If you can get help it helps to feed it from one end and pull from the other. This isn't like pulling electrical into your house, if you catch on something you are caught...back up and go again, don't pull hard it should just slip into position. Now attach everything and you are done. As I remember there is one big bolt you have to deal with that is like an 1"1/8" wrench required...something like that. As I remember there is a step you can skip here to make it easier but you will see what I mean if you got this far. The cable does need to be fed through this rear mount point before attaching to the rudder.

    Congrats now your boat will turn super easy. I was told this project was a royal pain by everyone I talked to. It took me 10 minutes to get it out, 2 minutes to measure, 2 days to get the cable, and about a half hour to put it in. 




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