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  • Reversible manual surf gate

    • Year: 2007 Brand: Malibu Model / Trim: LSV Device Type : Fixed / Manual Gate Style Surf Device Material: Starboard or a HDPE Control: Manual or Fixed (No Actuators) Cost: $0-$249 Platform Type: Fiberglass

    I just changed boats and need to make a surf system.  I most likely will make a powered surf gate system again, because I know how well it worked last time.   But in the meantime, I needed to make a temporary solution so I don't have to wait.  

    Nothing new here, just a quick implementation that took just a couple of hours.  It works killer!   

    1) Using HDPE (King Starboard), I cut out a basic size gate for a 247 size hull (14" x 18") 

    2) I then cut out narrower pieces, and attached them to spacer blocks (also HDPE) that was the same height as the swim platform thickness so it could slide over but fit snug.

    3) Measured the center of the gate, so that I could be able to use the same device on either side of the swim platform for either wake, then screwed them together with stainless screws and went back to tie the big pieces together with stainless bolts.

    4) Picked up a stainless hook from the hardware store, found a small cinch strap in the garage, and bolted it through the loop so it could be used in either direction.

    5) Had to notch both the top and bottom for the hull shape, and then in Ghetto fashion screwed a pipe insulation as filler between the hull and the gate because it did not fit perfect in order to be reversible.  

    Attached the gate to the boat's hooks, and bam.  Instant manual, reversible surf gate.

    Not the best implementation, but works great and will last a lifetime, or until I get my powered system going.  Hope it helps someone.


    Included a couple of wake pictures.   Stock ballast (both rear, bow, mid), plus extra in the corner and a little extra in middle of the boat (I think we did in these ones).   Pictures are hard to measure, but this wave had a ton of push.   It will more than suffice for a temporary solution!!!

    The bad -- steering sucks with manual gates.   It needs to be automated.  




    247 goofy2.jpg




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    Wave looks Great!! You need to post a full pic of your new boat. I'm sure the mods are already in the works......

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    Thanks.  Got a few mods in the works... But the manual SG mod definitely was worth a few hours of time.  Saved me from having to throw down so much weight right out of the gate for sure.   I have the materials for powered gates, just need the time.  Been really happy with a basic setup but I still hate trying to fight the steering with a manual gate, especially to pull around and pick up goofy riders.

    Make sure to edit in any updates to your SG project, and let me know if I can help! 

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    Hallo Rugger! You made a best solution and I use totally the same device on my boat, but my result not as good as your one. It's because of my boat's transom shape. I'm owner of Session 22si boat made by Regal company in 2007 and this boat has a little weird shape, but I like her and she has been feeding me during last five years) (I had been owning a half of Wakestation for last seven years and now I have my own station completely), it's situated in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, unfortunately ( I'd rather the same city in USA). My website is Wake.pro.

    What do you think about using our device with the similar slapper installed on the board, I can't make the correct shape of my gate, but I suspect that solution might help me to get the perfect surge)






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    Sorry I do not understand your question, Yuri.   Do you mean on the swim platform? If so I think I would keep it just like you have it.   Great modification!

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