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  1. Wave looks Great!! You need to post a full pic of your new boat. I'm sure the mods are already in the works......
  2. I started with an idea, mostly because I didn't have $130,000.00 for a new surf boat. I thought I would do some research and found I was way behind, many people have already done it. I found a boat like mine which is a 2002 Malibu 23 LSV stepped design hull and saw what he did and asked some questions and he was very responsive. He said to get some foam board from the local stationary store so I did and got started on a design along with some tape etc. I was able to come up with some brackets. Made them out of 1/8" stainless had a local muffler shop fab them up for me. I can weld but I don't have a tig welder only a mig welder and stainless is tough to cut drill etc. so it is worth paying to have them made. Bought some 4" stainless steel hinges from ebay and I'm off and going. Here are some more pictures of my first attempt at the gates I made the mistake of making the hinge stick out too far, so I had to add a contour piece to it to fill in the hole. I used Bimini spring clips for the temporary stainless steel pole I'm using for now. It is attached to my upgraded 2006 swim platform I modded to fit my 2002.
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