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  • Swim Step EVA Pad on a budget

    • Year: 2011 Brand: MB Sports Model / Trim: B-52 Wide Body Cost: $0-$249 Platform Type: Fiberglass

    I took on a large project of replacing my flooring and swim step in sheets of pre patterned EVA foam flooring.  Since many people just need the step done I figured I would post this as a stand alone project.  I got the pad off in one piece with some help from a neighbor who had a windshield removal tool. Having the pad in one piece saved a ton of time when making the wood template. It did however leave all of the glue behind. The deck glue was no fun to remove.  Using paint thinner and a scraper I finally got it all off and had a smooth gel coat finish.


     used a router around the outside edges of the mats to give a finished look.  I used 1/8" wood masonite hardwood to make a template of each piece. Cheap hardwood sheets are a lot cheaper and easier to replace than the flooring material. I then used the template on top of the flooring as a guide to cut the sheets. Then I put the flooring on top of the template and used the wood as a guide for my router around the outsides. First off I'm using a Makita variable speed trim router on this project.  I found the smoothest passes came with the speed just above 3.  I ended up going with a 1/4" x 1/2" rounding cove bit.  I played with a couple of scrap pieces to get the depth and tried both style pieces together to make sure that my plan was sound.


    Next up was the smaller pieces.



    I cannot say how my flooring will hold up over time, but I would be surprised if it doesn't do well. The supplier is  http://www.marinedeckfactory.com.
    They are in China. They were great to work with. Answered every question I had and the product was at my door 2 weeks after I ordered it via UPS. My friend also got his product in 2 weeks. They have many color options. Hope this helps some of you guys.  They do have a 5 roll minimum which is approximately $350 shipped depending on where you live. Those 5 rolls will do your step and your interior of your boat.  Click the link to see the interior project that went with this  


    My disclaimer is this, I have been installing stereos in boats and upgrading boats for years. I have a lot of tools at my disposal along with a lot of boat interior experience. The rolls don't put themselves in. However with some patience and a good plan going in, it isn't that difficult to do. I definitely think in increased the value of my boat at least 3-5 times what the project cost. I hope this helps some of you guys take the risk and go for it!


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    Ok so I figured I would give an update on the flooring after some pretty good use this summer. I still love this flooring and I will never go back to carpet. I will say though that I do not recommend the diamonds to anyone. The lined sheets are holding up great but the diamonds ar lifting at multiple locations. Anywhere that I cut the diamonds to small triangles to fit the boat wants to lift. I'm talking about the brown from the black. There are just too many edges to catch. This winter when I'm installing under the seats I will probably replace the diamonds with more lines. I love the look but need more durability than they offer. 

    Just wanted to give an honest review. Still a great value, just avoid the diamonds!


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