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  • Malibu Audio and LED Upgrades

    • Year: 2014 Brand: Malibu Model / Trim: 247 Cost: (unspecified) DIY or Professional Install: Professional Install Sound Project Components: Upgraded Amps, Upgraded Tower Speakers, Upgraded Batteries, Upgraded Subwoofer / Box, Other

    This boat started with no tower speakers but the stock 12" rockford marine woofer, 2 pair 8" in-boats and 2 pair 6.5" in-boats. OEM installed 400/4 4 chnl driving all 8 in-boats and 300/2 driving the woofer.

    Step 1) build a proper sealed enclosure for the OEM rockford woofer. This is actually a decent woofer with a proper enclosure and some solid power. The woofer is bridged on 2 chnls of a Wet Sounds SD-6 for a potential of 585W rms. Thats nearly 2X the factory amp.

    2) installed two pair Wet Sounds Rev-10 and their dual G3 brackets with two 4-conductor 12ga, with orange LEDs These are driven by two Wet Sounds SD-6 with a potential of 585W rms to each.

    3) Rewired the main cabin 8" to the remaining two chnls of the 2nd SD-6 for 145W rms to each rockford 8". 

    4) Rewired the 2 pair of 6.5" speakers to the original 300/2 for 75W rms to each. 

    5) We wrapped it all up with a Wet Sounds WS-420SQ in their underdash mount

    6) Installed remote charger shore power port in rear locker for easy access

    7) Installed orange LEDs around the under side lip of the swim platform, in the front and rear vents, behind the interior emblems, in the driver storage pocket. For the cup holders, we did an orange and UV puck for s different look.

    😎 We added a 2nd house battery for 2X the anchor play timeIMG_5597.thumb.JPG.bf28915e18b917dd4e5296830cf78b37.JPG 
















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    I have a very similar sound system setup with amplifier, EQ and stock radio.  I am getting a higher pitched feedback when i turn on the system and hook up bluetooth.  I have no idea where it's coming from or how to fix it.  I've been told it may be due to stock stereo.  Before trying that step, was hoping someone might have some input on other options.

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    Beautiful install as always, I'm interested to know what strips/pucks/components, etc. you have ended up using?   Planning out an install on my boat and just trying to have a decent layout prior to tearing it apart.

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    Almost all the strips come out of the same build houses, so just get ones that are silicone encapsulated and carry an IP rating. Tip, dont trust the adhesive backing. Use some other means to secure the strips. The backing will let loose in a short time. 

    For the cup holder pucks, we used a waterproof LED thats like 5/16 square with a 12" pigtail. 

    Underwater lights were just white lights

    If I was going to do this, or similar build, Id go all RGB and a full spectrum RGB controller. Not a HUGE cost difference between single color and RGB and the labor is the same. Even if a single color was the most desired, the controller lets them se the desired color, but have the option to have the other colors. Heck, even RGB underwater lights are getting more budget friendly and more readily available. We can even drive them with the same controller so they are sync'ed with the interior/tower lights. Or, go with a multi-zone controller. 

    Not sure what colors you are after, but beware. Orange is a tough one. Most of the "orange" LEDs are actually amber, which is more yellow. Some labeled as amber, were actually a nice orange. I sourced a number of LEDs to test, just to get a good orange. 

    For the Rev-10 rings, we ordered the single color blue rings ( use to be available then but all RGB now) and then I built my own orange strips. 

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    Thanks for the info

    Ya after looking around was planning on going with an encapsulated unit vs some that are offered in a coating. 

    Going back and forth on pucks vs rings for the cupholders. 

    Dony know if it is a big enough deal to me to go with a RGBW or just RGB, to run a truer white. 

    I have a MC1, also debating if I want to run the wet sounds controller, even the cost is quiet a bit more. Just to have it all run thru the head unit.

    Thanks again, gives some guidance to my choices. 


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