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    Centurion Audio and LED Build

    • Year: 2015 Brand: Centurion Model / Trim: FS44 Cost: (unspecified) DIY or Professional Install: Professional Install Sound Project Components: Upgraded Amps, Upgraded Cabin Speakers, Upgraded Tower Speakers, Upgraded Batteries, Upgraded Subwoofer / Box, Other

    All said and down, the OEM head unit was all that remained. The Build consisted of:

    3 pair Wet Sounds XS-650RGB wired for blue

    2 pair Rev-10 with blue LEDs. They started as white pods and we custom painted gloss black and moto green to match the boat

    Jl Audio 12W7 in custom ported enclosure under the helm. No loss of leg room with TONS of boom! Driven by a JL HD1200/1

    Two Wet Sounds SD-6 to drive the two pair Rev-10 and 3 pair of XS-650. 

    40A 3 bank Xantrex charger taking care of the original group-24 cranking battery and a pair of Interstate 6V golf cart batteries for about 260 Ah of play time

    bringing it all together is the Wet Sounds WS-420SQ












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