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    Poor Man's "Deckadence"

    • Year: 1999 Brand: Malibu Model / Trim: Sunsetter VLX Cost: $0-$249 DIY or Professional Install: I installed it

    So last year i did an install of Miners Moss- its a poor man's version of deckadence.  it comes in 3'x6' rolls that you have to splice together.  

    Link to the rolls - Miners Moss  They also carry this in blue and green 

    to glue the two sheets together i used a plastic adhesive glue - basically plumbing glue but colorless - follow the directions from deckdence to splice it together.  

    I started by trying to template it with plastic paint drop cloth and this didnt work too well so i ended up just cutting it in place in the boat and it turned out really well.  I have to get another roll to finish all the way to the bow for for now i'm not overly concerned with updating that part. 

    I may add a backer to it to help hold it in place this year as it did slide around a bit last year - 2019 i'll probably rip the carpet ou and just have this, but currently it just sits on the carpet. 




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    User Feedback

    So what, roughly $120 for a new floor in the main area of your boat?  Not bad!

    i would think if you ripped up the carpet the miners moss would not slide around. 


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