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  • Malibu 247 8.1L FAE Install

    • Year: 2006 Brand: Malibu Model / Trim: 247 LSV Cost: (unspecified) DIY or Professional Install: (unspecified) Engine Type: 8.1L

    I just finished up my install of a custom made FAE. Larry is just an awesome person to work with. I'd say the best customer service I've ever experienced. I contacted Larry in the spring about a custom FAE for my application. He got right back to me and said he could do it no problem. He had it out quickly to me. I waited a month or two before I had time to install. When I began the install, I had a big problem that I hadn't expected. The Angled exhaust tips on the big block boats had an oval opening thru the hull. The straight 3.5'' tips I got to replace them, to mate up to the FAE, did not have a big enough flange to cover the hole. I would have to have some custom flanges made up. I worked with Larry to get the new flanges made up. Unfortunately, the new tips didn't quite mount up to the stock exhaust hose enough to make a secure connection. It looked pretty iffy as it was from the factory actually. I tried to have the new tips made at an angle on the inboard side (like the stock tips), but it just didn't mate with the hoses well enough for a secure connection. Not Larry's fault at all, as he just made what I asked him to. I reconfigured the new tips to be straight through, and purchased new exhaust hoses from bakes. Got everything together and tested it this week. Only had enough time to drop it in the water and make sure it didn't have any leaks. So far, very quiet, which is the feature I cared most about.

    Sucks that it took way longer than I planned on, but finally done. FAE is awesome. So quiet. Exactly what I wanted. Never smelled any exhaust while the boat was moving. Still got some at Idle, (maybe even more?) but that was expected. Can't say I noticed any power loss. I tried to take a before and after video to show the sound difference, but can't really tell from my phone video. But trust me, it's a world of difference. Can't hear it idling from 10' away, and hear mostly just the water rushing while surfing. very easy to talk to the driver while surfing. It may be affecting the wave some, but doubtful... jury is still out on that. Not that it was spraying bad or anything, but I had to run the wedge all the way down rather than 2 clicks up as usual, or wave would wash out. 


    Updated 9/3/17: I'll just add all the pics here because photobucket. FAE is still great, no problems ever.























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    That's a sweet install.   Big block I'm guessing uses a little bigger tubing as well than most FAE installs.  3.5" tubes on each side?   Nice job.  

    Wonder if all 8.1 users encounter the same problem.  Like all boat exhaust ports start the same size from the mold and then the manufacturer hastily bore the holes bigger (and uneven) to make big blocks exhaust fit.   Weird that they'd be oval.

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    This is a good "buy it now" solution. If I had the time, I'd make my own 1 piece with proper bends. But I haven't had any issues with it getting loose or anything, and have bigger fish to fry. I doubt I'll ever change it.

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