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  • Malibu 247 Johnson Pump Six Pack Ballast pumps.

    • Year: 2007 Brand: Malibu Model / Trim: 247 LSV Cost: (unspecified) Ballast Modifications: Fat sac(s), Pump(s), Hose, Switches, Wiring, Fittings DIY or Professional Install: I installed it

    Edit: Trying to clean up Photobucket mess.... Original post had nice captions describing each picture... Just PM me if you need any help or have questions on anything.
    I installed a bunch of reversible Johnson pumps on my Malibu 247. I got tired of the inconvenience and long 15-20 minute fill times on my 2,000 lb dong sack (Port side) with my two Tsunami pumps over the side. These pumps will fill both side ballast locations, and drain out the side. I have 1100 and 370 sacks on starboard side.
    I figured I'd post some pics to help anyone out that may may be looking to do the same thing. I got all my parts from Wakemakers. Sure, you can get some (lower quality) ball valves, hose and what-not cheaper at Home stores, but I didn't buy a boat to save money. Wakemakers has good stuff and great support.
    Onto the install.
    Part 1. I decided to go with 4 1" thru hull intakes.  (This may be excessive, but so is 6 freaking Johnson pumps.) Two are by the V-drive, and 1 on each side of the engine. This should be enough to supply my pumps, and any future ones I may install later.
    I used a street elbow on starboard side by engine, all the rest were straight fittings. I'm trying to eliminate as many 90* fitting as possible.

    I made a special tool to tighten the mushroom fittings. I had the wife under the boat tightening the mushrooms, while I held the ball valve, street elbow assemblies from turning. After that was secure, she put on the 3M 5200 on the mushroom, and I tightened down the nut on the mushroom fitting.



    Part 2 will install pumps.

    Fabbed up bracket to hold 6 Johnson pumps. ( a good project to try out my new welder)

    Mounted on back wall yesterday, should look good with all the pumps in place.

    Got the pumps mounted.


    And I got my new thru hull drains and vents in:

    I spaced it so I can replace the stock 3/4" with matching 1" thru hulls if it bothers me longterm. I'll probably not worry about it after a week.

    Some mods needed to go with it. Engine divider bracing (this was done last year), and relocated fuel vent to starboard side, farther forward so I wouldn't have to worry about getting water in fuel.


    I finally made use of my fly high switch and plumbed in an extra sack for when I'm lacking crew. The hose tucks away above the cup holders when not in use.The switch is just to the left of the driver, and switches between feeding the dong sack and this new seat sack. I still need to get around to finishing the goofy side cooler location, and will have a switch on that side to fill a seat sack as well.


    Update: All this stuff has worked flawlessly for a few years. I added GSA to my boat, so got rid of the large dong sack port side and went with Wakemakers 910# sacs in lockers evenly weighted, and a 1000# in the bow. I have 2 pumps feeding each locker bag, and 1 pump feeding the bow... I suppose I'll eventually run the final 6th pump (which I actually never have used yet) to the bow bag to make filling that quicker.


    Pro tip: if I was trying to save money/simplify, I'd just have the pumps drain out the bottom of the boat. Way easier, and I usually open the lockers and watch the bags, since it's hard to tell when water stops draining out the side anyway.













    IMG_20150514_154319672_HDR_zpscpd76zbq (1).JPG










    IMG_20150707_153132176_zpsq2a2cc0p (1).JPG






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    This is fantastic. Love the extra pumps. Any power draw issues with running all the pumps at once? I’m torn between the clean install plate and all the pumps mounted in one place vs putting the pumps closer to the bags with shorter fill and vent lines. 

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