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    Faster Tsunami modification

    • Year: (unspecified) Brand: (unspecified) Cost: $0-$249 Ballast Modifications: Pump(s), Hose DIY or Professional Install: I installed it

    Still using Tsunami manual pumps and came up with a big improvement until I plumb in a permanent system, although I always like to keep a free floating bag as an option anyway...

    Those crappy clear 1" tubes that come with the pump kink like crazy.   Restricted flow GREATLY reduces the speed of the pump and I was sick of monitoring for kinks.    

    1) Purchased a 1 1/8" hose from Wakemakers...  larger hose allows for faster flow, but in this case it is MUCH faster because the new hose will not kink in any position.   

    2) The problem is, the hose is stiff and does not fit well on the pump.   The larger size slips right past the 1" barb, the but the larger barb higher up on the pump fitting is too large to push the hose on, and the plastic clip is worthless.  It's popped off a few times with this size hose.   So, to fix you just heat it up, and quickly push the pump on.   We used a small torch and heated from a distance (not to burn plastic), then pushed the hose on and let it cool.

    3) After it cools, it is form fitted and you cannot even pull it off without a clamp.  However, a stainless clamp was added just in case instead of the cheap plastic OEM clip.

    Simple, I know, but what a difference in speed and frustration using the pumps.   Easy, worthwhile upgrade that makes it MUCH faster now. 





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    I like it. I am experimenting this summer to find my final ballast layout and plan on plumbing it next winter. I hate the hoses on my tsunamis. This is a good improvement. Thanks for the info. 

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