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  • Fuel pump replacement aftermarket indmar 556014

    • Year: 1996 Brand: Malibu Model / Trim: Vlx Cost: $0-$249 Engine Type: 320 monsoon

    So if you are cheap like me, u can do the 500$ conversion for 100$. All I did was order the carter p5000 from summit racing.   https://m.summitracing.com/parts/crt-p5000

    Then I removed return to pump line from the bracket and plugged it with 7/16 x24 fitting plug. I spliced a new connection and put it back together and it's been good. 





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    So the original was discontinued right?  The new one doesn't have a return line and you bought the "generic" version, instead of Indmar for almost $400 cheaper?  Nice.  I think this trick applies to more boats than you think.  

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    Yes the original pump was discontinued and they sell a conversion.  The conversion was still being manufactured when I replaced mine.   I would have been down last summer for 3+weeks so I researched the pumps specifics.  The p5000 was same psi and flow, from information I could find, and I figured as long as the pressure regulator could dump back to tank I'd be ok.  

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    So the return line goes to the pump and not the tank?  For some reason I thought it dumped back into the tank...good to know this works.  I've been keeping an eye on fuel pumps since it seems like it happens all the time to boats of this age.

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