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  1. For those laying epoxy on a floor and want to avoid or lessen the "sweat in" step, a good way to get rid of the bubbles is to take a blow torch (seriously!) and gently go over the freshly laid resin. I did 2 sweeps and it was crazy how well that worked. My leveling resin up front looked so good I didn't want to cover it!
  2. As a test I asked my friend to find the seam and he initially identified a barely visible run in the "fabric" that is from manufacturing that goes right down the middle of the roll. Anyway, I put my seam so that it runs along (and under) the Captain's chair. Nobody sees it. http://oi66.tinypic.com/2hcp7bn.jpg
  3. I followed these directions as per the video below. I used Oatey Clear PVC Heavy Duty Clear Cement for the seams. I recommend putting wax paper under the seams before you glue. Make a few (or several) light coats versus a couple big ones, otherwise the glue will make its way down to the top of the carpet (since you glue it upside down.)
  4. I got mine from www.directmat.com. https://www.directmat.com/product.asp?productid=288
  5. Good catch on that pump! Me too on the filter, 3 years now on a 10 micron filter and absolutely no issues, but then again the Yahama spin-on filter I use is 10 micron but also 90gph capable. Just a hunch but I'm guessing that the restriction was for the smaller filters being used and could hinder flow if slightly clogged and/or at high demand and subsequently induce vapor lock on start? Either way, not an issue at all for me now that I added the secondary fuel pump.
  6. Sorry, just now seeing this post. I used fiberglass and resin to level the floor. Then I used KiwiGrip to coat the surface.
  7. So the return line goes to the pump and not the tank? For some reason I thought it dumped back into the tank...good to know this works. I've been keeping an eye on fuel pumps since it seems like it happens all the time to boats of this age.
  8. Not 100% certain, but fairly sure it's a 1" MNPT x 1-1/4" barb fitting for the existing hose.
  9. Great idea...I love the courtesy lights idea. Much better placement than stock!
  10. I'm in the middle of it too, Rugger...for me, it's been a long process but I've added several smaller projects to the entire deal, so it's spiraled out of control. When it's all done I'll be sure to post them all. Hopefully yours goes smoother than mine. What started out as a simple carpet removal turned into a fiberglass exercise due to the dreaded sagging floor issue. Oh well, it will be better than new when done.
  11. LOL...yeah, that looked pretty sketchy. I know someone who got their face "upgraded" due to a battery explosion so I get nervous with exposed terminals. Anyway, that's an insane upgrade. You didn't mess around!!! Would love to hear it, but maybe not all day
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