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  1. So the return line goes to the pump and not the tank? For some reason I thought it dumped back into the tank...good to know this works. I've been keeping an eye on fuel pumps since it seems like it happens all the time to boats of this age.
  2. formulaben

    Stealth Surf Pipe (center exit)

    Good work!!
  3. formulaben

    Fake-A-Lake NO MORE!

    Not 100% certain, but fairly sure it's a 1" MNPT x 1-1/4" barb fitting for the existing hose.
  4. Great idea...I love the courtesy lights idea. Much better placement than stock!
  5. formulaben

    Seadek refresh - Carpet replacement

    I'm in the middle of it too, Rugger...for me, it's been a long process but I've added several smaller projects to the entire deal, so it's spiraled out of control. When it's all done I'll be sure to post them all. Hopefully yours goes smoother than mine. What started out as a simple carpet removal turned into a fiberglass exercise due to the dreaded sagging floor issue. Oh well, it will be better than new when done.
  6. formulaben

    Water Cooled amplifiers

    LOL...yeah, that looked pretty sketchy. I know someone who got their face "upgraded" due to a battery explosion so I get nervous with exposed terminals. Anyway, that's an insane upgrade. You didn't mess around!!! Would love to hear it, but maybe not all day
  7. formulaben

    Seadek refresh - Carpet replacement

    Looks amazing. Love the extra touches of SeaDek around the boat! Great job! Definitely not a nitpick, but just a thought: if you powder coated the table receiver and center ballast tank aluminum frame the same color as the SeaDek grey (or blue?) it would eliminate all signs of anything flooring-wise from the "old" boat.
  8. formulaben

    Seadek refresh - Carpet replacement

    What did you cover the seat rail with?
  9. formulaben

    Fake-A-Lake NO MORE!

    WOW, that is a much cheaper and easier solution to the one I put together (copied from TMC posts) a couple years ago. Good find!!
  10. formulaben

    Miner's Moss Flooring

    FYI, Direct Mat now offers a 1/2" vinyl loop matting carpet that essentially matches the Deckadence thickness, minus the anti-slip matting that's added to the bottom.
  11. formulaben

    New Interior

    Wow, looks sweet!
  12. formulaben

    Centurion Avalanche Floor Update

    Where do you find the Chinese knockoff?
  13. formulaben

    04 Wakesetter Interior Replacement

    Looks amazing!! I've been talking about doing the same thing for too long now...my plan was Tuff Coat on the entire floor and then a Deckadence mat in just the lounge area, but this looks so great that I might have to reconsider. Also I had been debating going with classic skins or updating. For sure I'm going to go with something more modern. Thank you for the inspiration!
  14. formulaben

    Stealth Gates --- DIY Surf Gates on 2007 LSV

    Totally radical!