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  • Centurion Facelift and Stereo Upgrade

    • Year: 2002 Brand: Centurion Model / Trim: Sport Bowrider Cost: (unspecified) DIY or Professional Install: I installed it Sound Project Components: Upgraded Head Unit, Upgraded Amps, Upgraded Cabin Speakers, Upgraded Tower Speakers, Upgraded Batteries, Upgraded Subwoofer / Box

    I purchased a 2002 Centurion from a good friend a couple of years ago.  I knew the boat well and knew he took great care of it mechanically.  It only had 270 hours on a 10 year old boat that had been stored in a garage it’s whole life.  My only issue was it was a yellow and white boat, and I mean yellow.  I don’t mind yellow as an accent color, but it was way too much for my tastes.  The other issue was the stereo.  I love large systems and it had a lot of equipment, but it was getting tired and there was no storage.  So I gave it a makeover. 


    First off I tinted the windshield to give some black to break up the yellow a bit.  It helped, but it needed more.  So I had it wrapped from the rail down the sides in satin black and had a nice version of the Centurion logo put on the side.  I also had the speaker box covered and added the logo as well.  Now we were talking.  The satin black swallowed light and made the remaining yellow just pop off the boat.


    Now that the cosmetics were in order I moved to the stereo.  It had some older Rockford Fosgate amps that worked great, but were mounted in a way that took all of the storage room in the boat.  They were also different colors of gray/black.  I pulled them out, spent 6 months chasing factory bridges and caps to form one long amplifier.  I painted them yellow and sanded the faces to expose the aluminum edges.  Rather than put two more RF logos on the bridges, I added a Volt meter and a temp gauge for the highs amp that gets the hottest.  They were yellow LEDs so they looked great on the amps.  I then rewired the system to move the amps to the side of the boat where I epoxied a board with stainless tee nuts.  I then built another plastic board to mount the amps to and then mounted that board to the one on the side of the boat.  It fit like a charm and looked awesome.  Those amps stayed so cool out in the open and didn’t get wet because they were under the gunnel.  I then replaced all of the 6 ½” speakers with Kickers and reused the JL audio 15 and the Alpine deck.  I went ahead and added indirect LED lighting throughout the boat as well.  I added a bluetop battery for the boat and two yellow tops for the stereo along with a 12 amp onboard charger.  I only added new 6 1/2"s  The rest of the install was just a major remodel of where and how it was wired.



    By making these changes the whole boat came out awesome and I got tons of compliments everywhere we went even next to boats that were 3-5 times more money. I sold the boat after 2 years pocketing an extra $2k above what I had in it.  When looking for a good used boat, don’t let the color throw you off.  If the boat is great and the price is right, jump and work on the rest later.









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