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Glide Bearings Dripless Shaft Seal giveaway 2019!

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Ends June/30/19

Another summer is here... and Glide Bearings has stepped up to help Wake Garage members.    Up for grabs is a special edition Glide dripless shaft seal system for your boat.  We will do a drawing similar to the previous contest. (Congrats again to @cowwboy, our 2018 winner).

Still time to upgrade your boat this year... or make it an off season project.


The Prize...
The Glide “special edition” green GMSS updates your old bronze stuffing/packing box for a smoother, maintenance-free, drip-free operation.    Glide Bearings is now the choice of top boat builders including: MB, NXT, Tige, Axis, Supreme, Correct Craft, Centurion, Malibu, and MasterCraft.  They are awesome!   

- Winner to choose between 1" or 1.125" shaft size (depending on your boat)
- Exclusive GLIDE 100 Polymer
 dripless system
- Seal Vault face plate with 2-axis seal retention
- 316 SS fasteners for installation
- Double lip seal, 100% TFE Teflon Seal
- Slide & Lock grooves for added hose retention
- Reinforced silicone rubber "Hump Hose" with stainless steel hose clamps
- 3/8" x 6' reinforced water supply hose with hose clamps
- "T" Connector

- Wake Garage domed decal

- Glide hat and decal


Examples of installation are found in our Completed Projects Database.




 Enter for the drawing by posting a REPLY in the thread below

- Tell us what year/make/model you have

- Include a picture of your boat, and tell us what projects or upgrades you'd like to make this year

-  Hit “Like” on Glide Bearings Facebook Page 


- Contest ends at midnight, June 30, 2019.

- Signing up will earn a single (1) entry count.   May only sign up one time.

- Members who have posted projects to the Completed Projects database by midnight 6/30/19 will also earn an additional (1) entry count for each project submitted, up to a max of three projects (max 3 additional entries).  Projects already submitted prior to this announcement will count.  So the maximum entry count for a single member is four (1 for sign up, plus 3 for three or more posted projects).    That's right... helping others increases your chances.

- Winner to be notified by email and announced on Wake Garage.

- Professional dealers/installers showcasing their customers’ boats on Wake Garage are not eligible for the prize, but are welcome to encourage their customers to participate as individual members.  Wake Garage administrators, and previous winners are also not eligible for drawing.

- Rules subject to change at any time as needed by Wake Garage and/or Glide Bearings & Seal Systems.


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2006 Malibu Wakesetter 23LSV

Still planning to do some additional powder coating on the Wakesetter emblems.  I would also like to redo the flooring.

And a dripless shaft seal, of course. 


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@scottmillertime 1996 Malibu sunsetter vlx complete restoration! First post!!

Really Really Really wish this this give away was last month lol! I am currently installing new “Glide”strut bearings in my shaft strut while rebuilding my motor. Have seen great reviews and wanted to give them a shot! Would love to use a drip less shaft seal on this old girl but I’m building this boat on a budget and funds had to be spent elsewhere. Would love to do a how to post with dripless install. (Shout out to The Prop Shop for all the helpful info on strut bearings and sweet koozie!  

-June 2019 Completed tasks: bilge paint, prop removal (with diy prop puller), prop shaft removal prop, prop strut bearings removal and installation, prop rebuild. 

Sorry for the long post but can’t wait to share this sunsetters journey with the group. 

The project! 


New Glide bearings. 


Was a fight used sawzal and drift pin method. 


$10 home made prop puller. ( don’t laugh it worked great) Used 2 $5 dollar c clamps


New glide bearings installed using freezer and homemade tool. 




Painted bilge before and after.1E096E69-FDEA-4339-BF2C-1C0CB3EB7301.jpeg.e43b642412e669805ea51d64cdc1c7b9.jpeg


An old salty dog said to just use this over expensive bilge paint.


Repacked shaft seal with GTU graphite packing! It’s what was in the budget 😢



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Add more photos was worried about space limit.
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1988 Supra Sunsport.  not looking to do much else this summer other than surf!  i do get annoyed every spring at having to adjust my shaft packing though, so the Glide system would be an awesome addition.



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On 6/11/2019 at 5:13 PM, Hyperryd said:

2013 MB Sports F21. 

I think I’ve hit my boat project quota for the year!  (See link). Not sure what seal is in this boat. I loved my Glide Seal in my last book at for sure!  



Just a wild guess but most MBs I've seen from this vintage got the the PSS carbon faced seal from PYI Inc. Have seen a few where people think they are toast and they just need compressed. The set screws slides up the shaft and it starts leaking. If you ever need to service it I've got some tips. 


I dont need a Glide seal, so good luck to all!!

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  • Rugger featured this topic

I've owned the boat for one year so upgrades since owning-

2010 23LSV w/350
Acme 2419
Wetsounds MC-1 
Wetsounds 12" sub
Polk PA1000.1 for sub
Polk db651's throughout
Wetsounds HLCD Tower speakers-6x9 to keep the factory cans
FAE Exhaust
Heater with 3 ports. 2 pull outs and one for captain chair
1100lb bags in the rear.
2-1100gph pumps with Y to fill bag and hardtank
Separate drain pumps for bag sharing common line with tank drain. 
I made a custom controller and measurement system to monitor the bag level using the factory screen. So 50% bag shows 50% on the Malivu Medallion. 
When draining, the bags drain first until enough weight has been removed from the bag, then the hard tank drain comes online and then the Malivu automatically switches over to show hard tank level. 
(I've thought about marketing this! lol)

My boat had a run in with the dock when the lake level rose. So now I need a new platform.....B.O.A.T......


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