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  1. @Jeffo, I know you didn't build this specifically for Wake Garage, but I promise you Wake Garage was made to showcase projects like this! Love the out of box thinking. I'm a big believer in Fresh Air Exhaust (good company and product) and you now have benefits of a few functions in one.
  2. @Jeffo -- Thanks for the comments! I posted a polishing link in Shop Talk forum (below). Lots of techniques out there but I swear the zephyr system is great. I learned a lot from that wedge project, but I think I could have started with a better metal finish. Or at least got the flat pieces to a better point before welding.... would have been easier. You get what you pay for in terms of finish but you probably know a lot more about metal than me. That wedge took a lot of sanding until the actual polishing began. It did come out great though. One of my favorite projects for sure, especially because everyone said you can't put a wedge on an '87.
  3. That is awesome Jeffo! Great work. It's actually simpler than your other one which makes it an even better design in my book. Who needs a brake, that looks great. That might be difficult to make for my power wedge though. Why do you think your regular changed? Did you have the same wing plate shape before?
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