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  1. 5 hours ago, Shawn7700 said:

    I am going to post the process I just have one more detail to do. I have to make and glass the permanent gate those ones are wood for testing to find the best shape of gate for this boat. Here is some more pics of what I did new swim deck, new swim deck brackets , surf exhaust , new floating wedge the lenco fast actuators andthe wake logic to control the gates which is the only way to go. It is a sweat system and easy to learn shout out to Matt who makes the system?


    Looks fantastic.   Nice work.   I ended up switching out my homemade swim brackets (w/ 3" lift) from last summer to the new style like yours (for reasons I will update in my project).     Your 04 mounts must be different than the 07 or I have wrong ones.   I had to trim the brackets with the surf gate swim deck.    No a big deal but unexpected.     I'm sure you'll like the newer stainless wedge much better.    Always trouble free unlike PW or the older ones.

    Please do post your completed projects.   Will be very helpful for others for sure.   Nice work

  2. 3 minutes ago, rhino89523 said:

    Mine had a big Avalanche thing on there kind of tribal like...with scratches through it and pretty deep into the Gel coat...all part of price negotiations. I thought I could live with the scratches, and I could have. I bought the boat in Oregon and live in Nevada so had time to think on the drive home. Bought some rubbing compound on the drive and spot checked it. That night I used the heat gun to pull the stickers and wet sanded the whole side, then started polishing. When the wife came out to see our "new" boat for the first time I had the whole side all white looking from wet sanding and I thought she was going to lose it. The picture I posted was the next morning. It came out really good and I actually prefer it without the stickers. This is actually how the boat looked when I bought it.image.png.e3a25f1bd47afdfb57b43093fe1a1b3d.png


    Probably looked like my wife every time I start a new project and rip the boat apart.   She’s been booking camping plans since last year.   We are two weeks away from our trip and the boat is in pieces with me hoping my plan even works.

    I like yours without stickers.  Looks good


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