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  1. First off this is an awesome thread and you guys have done a great job. I have my controller and actuators wired in but I'm having some problems. I can turn my switch to the left and it deploys to the left correctly. Then back to the middle and it retracts correctly. Then when I turn the switch to the right it will deploy right, deploy left and retract right. It does this repeatedly. I believe it did the opposite sequence when I deployed right for the first time after startup. The print out shows surf side: right. When I turn the switch back to the center it retracts both sides. Any idea where I may have messed up? I did have a few bumps when I started because I wired things up per Jharts wiring diagram and then realized I had to rewire to match jthompson code. I have double checked the wiring per the jthompson wiring diagram and downloaded fresh code. I have the default times set to 5900 and the min speed set to -1. I couldn't get it to work by just removing the // at the end of the code on the //speed limit=1. I'm using jthompsons code and I bought all the parts jhart specked out.
  2. I've been looking for hinges. Anyone find a specific hinge they would recommend? I've read a few posts that mention they ended up with a steel pin that rusted immediately and I don't want that. I also want something that is plenty heavy duty so when a knuckle head kid climbs over it, it doesn't bend.
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