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  1. Had a few questions about the switch mount I had in original post.  It was one of the original Malibu stereo remote mounts --- but some versions had spots for rocker switches and some didn't.   I ended up removing that anyway to run an MC1 stereo and the Wake Garage switches from the store.  (the original with the "wave" for the power was spray painted.  Haha  I'm using the laser etched ones that look better.  :)


  2. 22 hours ago, Corey95sunseter said:

    So much respect for your skills, I have a 95 sunsetter, direct drive, a ton of money into it, repower, new trailer, etc. I dont want to get rid of but i need a wake, i have fab. experience if i attempt to copy you do I need to reinforce my transom?  Would a large aluminum plate be enough? Our boats are 9 years off, the hull and transom in mine any better?

    I'm sorry I'm not 100% sure, but I do think 1995s can support a wedge.   Malibu may be able to tell you... there was a time when they could sell the old manual wedges for older boats.  A world of difference vs the 87 stock.   Totally different.   If you go that route, I would track down a stainless manual wedge (aka floating wedge) but would not have to be homemade like this one had to be.

  3. 7 hours ago, cowwboy said:

    How hard do you think it'll be to narrow one? I know the back hoop unbolts so it's be easy to modify or make a new one.

    But looking at the main hoop. It looks as if you could just cut out the center and then weld it back with a sleeved center for support. Is the pull spool an easy piece to cut off and weld back on?


    For the right price, it could be worth narrowing.  Usually narrowing isn't that much.  Might also call a dealer, like Bakes, and see what Malibu charges these days for a new tower to right dimensions.  It was an option at one point.

  4. 14 minutes ago, Bboozer said:

    Rugger, do you know if the new tower folds as low as the old one? I have a 2007 VLX and I am seriously considering doing a swap next winter, but I only have about 2" clearance on my garage header now and I surely don't want to go to all the trouble and then find out that it doesn't fit and I don't have a place to store it... 

    I would imagine it does.  But I don't know for sure.  You also have a *little* flexibility in mounting it for optimal clearance.   I do know they make a low clearance hoop if you had to go even more.   I can't tell you how much I love the tower though.  Honestly.  It's solid. 


  5. On 4/19/2021 at 7:26 AM, Chadtige03 said:


    Thanks I agree also I think maybe with a lot of ballast bigger may be the ticket. Going to test this year with about 1000lbs each rear locker and prob 600-1000 midship/nose see how they work. 

    Midship has always made the most difference for me, in both boats we've added a gate style setup.   Don't be afraid to try less ballast too -- I know that sounds weird, but with SG it's not always the most ballast that makes the best wave (it is with tabs though).   If you have great success with mid ballast, or more in the bow etc, then lead ballast comes in to play if you want to hide it.  I've got 500 lbs hidden.... yup, got creative. 

    Awesome project.

  6. I agree... don't think a tad bit taller makes any difference in wave, just more spray.  Much bigger gate, with a lot more ballast... probably does.  

    Great setup!  And a nice write up.   Congrats on finishing the project.

  7. That's awesome.  Clean solution.  I need to do something like this.  We just cleaned our garage out.... epoxied the floors and painted the whole garage.  And I need to find a better way to store the boards.  Well done.

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