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Lead Wake Discount for WG members

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Want effortless, hidden ballast weight to fine tune a wake?   

Wake Garage and Lead Wake teamed up for a 10% discount on purchases of Lead Wake bags for any configuration less than 10 bags, as well as free shipping.   If you want more than 10 bags, you'll get their standard public discount anyway.    

Go to www.leadwake.com and enter "WG10" into the discount code when checking out.  




From Lead Wake:

These bags can be placed in just about any spot on your boat, including the glove box. The bags contain 100% recycled  steel material. Sewn into the inside is a load dispersing high density foam core
to protect not only the bag, but your boat as well.

The custom designed bags are easy to shift around in your boat to clean up any wake. Tired of asking your boat crew to get up and move to the other side?….just grab a couple bags and move them to adjust that wake. Does your boat have small compartments that won’t allow a “big” water ballast bag? My Lead Wake bags can be stacked and placed in tight spaces. At a density of 9x that of water, just a few bags can replace those space consuming water bags.




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