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  • Support Wake Garage 

    The more projects we have in the database, the more everyone benefits.   For a limited time, we will continue the free hat promotion.   Whether it's a gift for someone else, or for you or your crew, now's the perfect chance to give back to the site and earn a little swag for doing so.


  • To earn your Wake Garage hat:

    - You must have added at least three wakeboat-related projects into the Projects Database in 2019.  Can be old projects, but added to database this year.

    - Projects must be completed projects, not just plans or ideas

    - Must be YOUR projects, not copyrighted material or material you do not have permission to use

    - Yes, they can be previous projects, or from a previous boat as long as they are yours. 

    - Projects added to the database MUST be reasonably descriptive so they are helpful to others.  Hint: A two sentence description is not very helpful to others and will not get you a hat.  Just a little effort to help your fellow boaters is all it takes. 

    - Administrators reserve the right to approve or reject projects for consideration that do not meet criteria.

    - Once you have at least three projects, please send a message to @Wake Garage and we will send you a special coupon to get you 100% discount on a hat from the Wake Garage store. We only request that you pay for packaging and safe shipping, which is $6, paid via PayPal on our secure, certified store.     

    - Offer is for limited time.  Wake Garage has right to revoke this promotion at any time.

    - For any questions, send a message to @Wake Garage or use contact form below.



  • Don't have any projects to share?  

    Support the site by buying a hat or decal instead from the store.


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